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My Training, My Goals, My Races and Other Random Topics

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Arrived in Boston!

April 19, 2014 2 Comments

So the day started on a rough note. Our 7:47am train from Trenton, NJ to Boston did not show up as planned.


There was a power disruption in Washington DC that ended up causing a 3 hour delay… so….. we got back got our money back and then we got in the car and drove to Boston.. Not the start we expected but we arrived in Boston just when we were supposed to!


After finally checking in after waiting for a room and grabbing a quick bite to eat we headed to the expo. On the way it became obviously how pumped up Boston is this year!



We even hot some great pics at the finish line!



Once at the EXPO, I was able to meet up with a few teammates from the Maccabi USA Halfmarathon team from this summer in Israel.


After leaving the EXPO we walked passed Marathon Sports and took a photo there. My kids do not understand why I wanted to do that and quite frankly I did not want to explain.


Finally we had dinner at Maggiano’s and called it a night. Tomorrow will be a more low key day with an easy early run and then getting off my feet!!

More tomorrow!!!

Final Training Run in the Books!

April 18, 2014

So my final training run before Boston here in Bucks County, PA is done. We soon leave for Bean-town and the big race! I believe I have done all I can to train for this. My coach, Dr. Jason Karp, put together a good plan and I believe I did a good job executing that plan. The proof will be what happens in 3 days!


After the run I went to Dr. Johnny at Advanced Sports Chiropractic ( for my final tune up. All feels good! My daughter Ava joined my so this time should could play with the “Pheebs”. She had to after seeing my with Phebbie last time!


I am finishing up my packing and reviewing some of my final details. I will be blogging from Boston and on the train ride up and back. Let this adventure begin! #BostonStrong!

Just 5 Days Until BOSTON!

April 16, 2014

So the final fast running is in the books. Last Sunday I ran 11 mile run In Tyler State with 5 miles at “Marathon Goal” pace. The pace seemed easy even with the hills of Tyler, which are worse than the Hills on the Boston course, which is a great sign.


This morning was my last track session. This was not supposed to be too tough but remind the legs how to run a bit faster. The workout was two miles warm-up and then 4 x 1000m at AT pace followed by a one mile cool down. Of course this morning it was 29F and really windy. This is especially tough on Council Rock South Track which is in a very open area so the wind is tough even on a fairly calm day.


The good news is that I nailed the final workout running easily even with the wind. Additionally, the legs are beginning to feel a bit more lively now with the reduction in mileage. My last few marathon I have gone into with very flat legs. I am hoping that coach Karp ( has me nailing this taper. I am confident this time this is the case. I have my race plan set and my goal in my head. I just now need to relax until race day.


So just some easy runs with some striders the next few days. We leave for Boston Saturday morning via Amtrak and then this all becomes real!!


23 Miles in the Cold Rain on the Hills of Tyler State Park Never Felt So Good!

March 30, 2014




OK, so here I am writing this post again.  Somehow all the text vanished and I was left with just the photos on this post.  I will do my best to recreate my post from this morning.


Today’s run starting at 6:00am when it was still dark.  It was cold, rainy and windy.  I messed up my GPS about 5.5 miles into the run when I was trying to take off my outer layer (a long sleeve tech shirt) while not stopping…  So with all that why was today a good run???

Well as I said it started at 6:00am when I met Pete L., Joe H., and Tom B. in the Fisherman’s lot at Tyler State Park.  It was still dark so we put on the headlamps and I kept on a long sleeve tech over a short sleeve tech and kept on compression tights.  It wasn’t raining hard but it was cold and windy with it.  We started off up Agony Hill so the opening mile started slow but we built into in.  We basically ran the BCRR 5.3 loop but could not cross the dam as it was completely flooded over and the water was rushing over it at that point so crossing was not an option.  We went back to where we parked where Pete, Joe and Tom stopped to drop some layers.  I tried to do this without stopping except to throw the extra shirt and the headlamp into my car.  While taking off the LS shirt I stopped the watch and accidently hit the save button.  I quickly restarted the GPS but it started at zero so I was going to have to add the mileage we had already ran to what my watch was showing. Only a GEEK like me would care about this but….

Anyway, at that point I asked Tom what his GPS said and we ran back to the dam after crossing the Neshaminy Creek on the 332 bridge.  At the dam, and about 8 miles in, we  picked up Steve P.  For there we ran back to where the cars were and started an extended back loop which brought us back to the cars once again at 17 miles.  The rain was picking up but the legs felt good.

This run was designed for me to take in carbs so I had a pack with me that had Power Gels and I was carrying a water bottle.  I took the gels at about mile 12 and then again at 17.  At 17 Pete, Joe, and Tom dropped off and Steve continued to run but he backed off the pace so I ran most of the last 6 miles solo.  I dod one more 5.3 loop with the extra to the parking lot giving me the full 6 that was needed.  At around 20.5 I took the last few gels and the stomach seemed to tolerate it well.  The last 5 miles the pace seemed topic up and I actually felt the best I did the entire run which I think is a great sign.  I guess the training plan from Dr. Karp is working!!

The only negative the last two weeks or so is my left knee if bugging me a bit but after some PT from Dr. Johnny Marino yesterday it is feeling better.  I have ben icing down after my runs which seems to be helping.  I will get more treatment Tuesday with Dr.  Johnny as well.

So while the weather and hills were challenging this run seemed to fly by and now I have two 23 milers in the books for the cycle.  Also, a 20, 21 and 22 miler gives five runs at 20 or over which should give me strength at Boston.

So now 3 weeks to go.  I have some hard running left for sure but the volume will begin to decrease which should freshen up the legs.  I just need to stay focused for the final push!  I am really longing forward to what the next few weeks will bring!









Less than a Month Until BOSTON!!!

March 29, 2014


So with less than a month to go I figured it was time to hit the blog again. The training has been going well in this hard cycle the last few weeks. Dr. Jason Karp's (Run-Fit ) coaching seems to be working.

I started this training cycle with the Phillies 5K. Not the best race I have run as I was feeling the hard marathon training but it was a test of toughness for sure.




The best thing from that race is the cool age group awards. So far I am 3 for 3 in leaving with cool Phillies hardware. The first two years had trophies with a Phillies Baseball signed by Shane Victorino (yr 1) and Carlos Ruiz (yr 2) I am not sure who it bill this year as the awards are being mailed as they did not have time for an awardds ceremony due to a Flyers game.

So in this cycle some of the fun workouts have included a Boston Hill Simulation workout which was basically mile repeats with the first 800 down hill to beat up the legs a bit and then the second 800 hard up the hill.



Another fun one was 1000m repeats on the track.



I of course had an AT+ run which was 2 mile warm-up 10 miles at pace and two miles cool down.. I ran this on the always slow CRS Loop so I was happy with it despite the slow pace.


Of course there have been the long runs. I have had one at 23 miles in the very hilly Tyler State Park. The pace on these have seemed easy which is good considering a comfortable time for 22 miles in Tyler usually is a good indication of what I can race for 26.2. Right now that look like low 2:50's…


The only negative is a my left knee is feeling the down hill running but I went to Dr. Johnny Marino (Advanced Sports Chiropractic> ) and will go back a few more times and I feel confident I will be OK.

Looking forward to a great experience with the entire family joining me in Boston. A fun train ride from Philly to Boston and a fun few days. Just a little more than 3 weeks of training to go…

Boston Training – New Coach, New Plan .. So Far So Good!

February 8, 2014

So starting with New Year’s Day I have a new coach and a new training plan for Boston. The reasons for the change were fairly simply. For one, I simply felt like I needed a change. Secondly, Johnny Marino Advanced Sports Chiropractic while an awesome coach, is going through so much, including recovering from surgery that I wanted to take one of the many things off of his plate. I still strongly recommend their services and hope to get in for some PT very soon!

I decided to work with Dr. Jason Karp of Run-Fit. Jason is an internationally recognized exercise physiologist who specializes in endurance athletes. He has written many books and published hundreds of papers on the topic. He was also a teammate at the Maccabiah Games this past July in Israel. We both ran on the Masters Men’s Half MAarathon Team for Team USA. Please visit his site to learn more on his services. Run-Fit

(From Left to Right: Mike Gross, Terry Robinson, Jason Karp – Just before the opening ceremonies at the 2013 Maccabiah Games)

So for the first month Coach Karp had me build my mileage and put in AT runs long runs with just under AT segments and Long runs with AT miles at the end. There was plenty of recovery days some doubles and some striders. He really puts the latest science into his training plans which I appreciate. As I get older I have less margin for error in my training.


I had three build weeks and then a recovery week which I am just finishing up. During week 2 I picked up a nasty bug and missed a few days but luckily this was early and I am right back on track now. Looking forward to the next few weeks which increase the mileage.

In this cycle I just banged out my first 20 miles at the end of week three. I felt great on this run. It came at the end of a hard week of training and I was able to relax through the hills of Tyler State Park..


The tough part of this cycle is that much of the time the weather has been terrible. VERY cold, VERY snowy with a HUGE ice storm that caused many to lose power and caused many trees to fall including two on my property, one hitting my house. I ran outside as much as possible but some of the quality work was done on the treadmill as it was the only way to get that quality in.






Boston Training Week One!

December 23, 2013


Week one had it all. It started with snow and brutally cold temperatures and ended with temperatures well over 60F. I had to decide on a new training plan and ended up asking Dr. Johnny Marino to help me once again. Johnny has been going through so much recently that I wasn’t sure he would have the time or energy to continue to coach me. As soon as he said he still wanted to the decision was made! Thanks Johnny!!

So we start the plan with rebuilding base but doing enough pace work so not lose all turnover. Training this week involved distance runs at a relaxed pace with some runs that had pickup at 10K pace. It felt good to get started!!!

Last year at this time I was going after the BCRR Winter Series but giving up Boston with the Maccabiah Games later in the year. I did not want to hurt my chances on running well in Israel with a hard marathon effort before. This year my focus is back on Boston! I am therefore not racing the full winter series. There is just no good way to race hard 11 weeks in a row over hilly terrain and be ready to give a good marathon performance two months later. This year I will be racing two to three races max prior. A few races to stay race sharp but still allowing me to focus on training for the BIG event.

Early in the week it was tough to get in decent runs due to the ice and I actually did two treadmill efforts. Later in the week I got in two runs with Joe Warwick which was nice. Then I ended the week with a nice long run in Tyler State Park.

Some highlights from the weeks are below….








Boston 2014 The Training Begins!!!

December 16, 2013


So today the road to Boston begins with an easy 40 minute run. I will be sticking to a plan thus winter and not focusing on the Bucks County Road Runners Winter Series. I have learned racing every weekend does not allow me to train properly for a marathon. I am excited to see how the training goes over the next few months!! Every journey begins with the first step and today was step one!!!






USATF National Masters 5K Cross County Championships

October 21, 2013


It has been some time since my last blog post.  Maybe a bit burnt out of blogging after the Maccabiah Games or maybe just lazy.   My next big race was the USATF National Masters Cross Country Championships which were held in Flemington NJ this year.  I was lucky enough to be selected to run on the “A” 40-49 team for the Greater Philadelphia Track Club (GPTC).   GPTC has so many good runners that I was first hoping to make the “A” team and then once I made it nervous to make sure I ran well enough to deserve the selection.

I have not run a big invitational type XC race in years.  (I have my my HS alumni XC race over the years) The last one was the Paul Short Invitational back in 2006 (?) and that was the first one in MANY, MANY years.  There is something special about cross country, especially when running for a team.  Running as a pack trying to beat the runners from all the other teams.  It is hard to describe but it is so much more fun than running a road race.

This race had such a competitive field and knowing that everyone in the race was a 40-49 master was exciting as well.


The day was beautiful as there was not a cloud in the sky and the leaves were just beginning to turn colors.  There was a gusty wind and a chill in the air but for a late October day it probably doesn’t get much better.    I drove to the race with Bill Gould and we got to Deer path Park a bit before 9:00am and our race was not until 11:45am.  Parking was tight and there was the open and the women’s masters race before us so we had no choice but to get their early.  I didn’t mind as I was nervous and this gave me a chance to settle into the surroundings.  GPTC had quite the spread and which was nice as well.


We all had to check in as a team so all 9 of us on the “A” team checked in about 15 minutes later we lined up and were ready to go.  The course was open at the start and narrowed about 300m into the race so I knew I had to get out.  Others had the same idea so even going out hard I was still well back in the pack.  This was fine as the top guys I knew were going to go well sub 16:00 and I have not done that in a LONG time.  I tried to stay with Bill Gould and Joe Warwick early on but just like last weekend’s interval miles on the course Joe slowly pulled away.  I tried to keep both of them in reach but it was tough.  Through the first half only three GPTC guys were in front of me. (Nick, Joe and Bill) After the half way mark Scott Landis went by me.  I was able to fight to hang with him and finished half a second behind him.   Since he still has 55 sec 400m speed the fact that I stayed close in the final kick is amazing in itself!  So I finished 5th for our team which meant I scored.  Our team finished just out of the medals with a 4th place finish.  Not what I hoped for but not bad!  Our 50-59 team was our best scoring team as they won the National Championship!  A good day for GPTC!







All l in all it was a great day to race and I am happy with the result.  My fastest 5K in many years and it was on a legit tough 5K XC course at that.  Great people in GPTC to have as teammates.  An overall fun day.  So…  What’s next??!!

A Good Week of Training in the Books..

September 22, 2013

So this week coach Marino had me jump back into things. I was a bit worried coming off the marathon by my legs seems to survive it fairly well. I have had some on and off twinges in the plantar fascia of both feet. I am using both a boot and the step stretch which I hope will keep any major issues at bay. I need to stay healthy between now and the USATF Masters XC Championships October 20th.
I finally feel like I am now focused on a new goal and then have a goal after that. It is good to have goals to focus on again….

My week looked as follows:

Monday – 45 minute run:


Tuesday – 8 Miles Easy


Wednesday – 6 X1000m @5K Race Pace with 400m Recovery, Mile warm up and cool down:


Thursday – 6 Miles Easy:


Friday – Cross Train on Bike, 45 Minute Ride at Lunch


Saturday – 8 Miles with Middle 4 miles at Half Marathon Pace:


Sunday – 12 Miles Easy on Delaware Canal Tow Path



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