It’s all about focus – Boston Marathon.. A bad idea for me this year..

Boston Marathon Passport

Boston Marathon Passport

So its all about focus.  Those that know me know I have a love hate relationship at Boston.  I love the race.  The history, the focus on quality, the competition to not only get in but to get the best seed possible.  This race is about racing to me not just running.

People also know I have never popped one at Boston.  I have run much faster there than I am capable now a a 45 year old but never had “that” race there.  Of course it is tough to really pop one at Boston.  A top 100 finish for me was a good performance for sure but never ran the kind of time I wanted so I guess the race still calls to me..  Still planting that seed of “you can still have that great race here”…  Just go for it one more time.   As recently as 2010 I really went after it.  In 2010 I was going to break 2:40 ..  I was clicking off 6 flats for 17 miles and then..  Well the Newton hills gobbled me up and I fought to run 2:50 instead…

So this year my focus is on the Maccabi Games 1/2 Marathon in July.  I know a hard marathon effort now will kill 2 – 3 months of decent training as I am usually left with nothing after a hard marathon effort, especially Boston.  A medical tent visit is almost a given for me and if it is a warm day a LONG visit and perhaps a ride to the Boston Medical Center. I know the routine.  I push hard and I am proud of my ability to push through the pain but….  I always pay for it..

So if I do race this year I will likely kill any chance of racing well in July.  I know I can’t race it and that kills me.  I also know if I go up to just “run it easy” I will not end well.  Two reasons;  first, even if I do manage to do it seeing the slow finish time by my name will eat me up,  (As the time from Caesar Rodney  is KILLING me..) second, and more likely, I will get caught up in the race and end up racing hard and paying for it…  But I keep looking at that passport and….

…. of course today’s workout is with “Boston Pete”….


One Comment on “It’s all about focus – Boston Marathon.. A bad idea for me this year..”

  1. ianesenior April 1, 2013 at 2:50 am #

    Mike, wishing you the very best but go easy. We need you out there representing in the Maccabi games. I’m not the competitive athlete you are but I know how hard you try. I’m sure you will do the right think. Looking forward to no status update this year from the medical tent (LOL). Good luck!

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