Sunday Run with Boston Pete – DE Canal, Yardley, PA

Run 31 MAR 2013

Dr. Johnny had a fun workout for me today.  2 hour run  with the first 30 minutes easy then 60 minutes at 6:30-6:30 pace and the last 30 minutes easy.  Seemed simple enough.  A bunch of folks from the Bucks running community were going to run today but only Boston Pete was looking at today as a workout in addition to a long run.    Pete had family Easter obligations this morning which included an Easter Brunch so asked if we could run at 2:00pm.  This worked for me as I was tired from the travel yesterday and this allowed me to sleep in a bit which is rare for sure.    The brunch was not optimal for Pete but I figured it leveled things since as a Jew I have matzoh collecting in my stomach!  Although full of carbs, matzoh just sits in your stomach like a brick.  Not optimal for a run..  🙂

About 2 minutes into my drive over to Cramer’s Bakery, which is where we meet to run on the canal, I realized I forgot the strap to my heart rate monitor.  I was pleased that I didn’t freak, I just calmly noted that I would not have HR data today.  For those that know me, not freaking is a big step especially about data.  I love collecting running data!

The run went reasonable well.  The first few miles were very relaxed and we have to force ourselves to keep the pace slow.  The first quicker mile was a bit slow.  I had looked at the pace on my GARMIN early in the first mile and it was saying 6:04 pace so we eased up but we relaxed too much 6:43..  Crud!  After that pace was right on..  A bit quick for the next few miles but that just balanced the 6:43 so we ended up right on.  We though the first half the wind was in our face until we turned at 30 minutes and realized quickly we were fooling ourselves.  We still kept the pace in the 6:20’s despite a fairly good headwind coming back..  Had to pick up the intensity a bit but it still felt relaxed which is a good sign as I will need to be running 30 seconds a mile faster, at a minimum, in Israel.  There was a bunch more in the tank so I think I could have held that today but it would have been a race like effort to do so.  Rain started lightly about half way through and by the end it was raining hard..  Would have been tough to start the workout in that type of rain but by the time it came it actually felt good.  Feet were already wet from one crossing we had on the canal that had water deep enough to soak our shoes anyway.  Pete did a better job of tip toeing I basically ran through it like a bull..  Oh well..

All in all not a bad workout ….  you can see details (obviously no heart rate data though) at:


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