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Maccabi 5K a Success… and then a Long Run with 4 miles Tempo

So today was the Maccabi 5K.  There are time I think directing a race is tougher than racing one.  I was up at 4:45am to start organizing and getting the car packed.  I had a little bit to eat and a much need cup of coffee and then with the car packed full of water […]

An Easy 8 Mile as a Start to a VERY Busy Saturday – Maccabi 5K Tomorrow!

Today I got up early to run an easy 8 miles.  After a day off yesterday the legs felt fairly good despite the fact that it took me a few miles to wake up.  I did a simple run from my house to Tyler State Park and ran the basic 5.3 loop from the Buck […]

9 miles with 6 x 2 minutes at 10K race pace with 1 minute recovery

Today I got my workout in as a late lunch with Joe Warwick joining me for Coach Marino’s latest fun running concoction.  Joe is an amazing talent and has more speed than me so I know he will push me with workouts like today.  The idea of todays workout was to get some quicker pace […]

Morning Recovery Day 5 Mile Hunger Run

Wow , that tittle was a mouthful.    Today was an easy run that Coach Johnny calls a hunger run.  The idea is to teach the body to burn fat more effectively.  The run is done first thing in the morning with only water and perhaps a little black coffee.   The pace is very […]

5:00am Fun on the Track! – 10 x 500m with 300m Recovery

Yes, this is a recovery week.  As I mentioned yesterday that does not mean no quality work.  Today Coach Johnny King Marino had 10 x 500m with 300m recovery as the workout.  The workout was designed for first 400m set at 10K pace but the last 100m was quicker.   Boston Pete was the only […]

After 3 Hard Training Weeks Finally a Recovery Week

Recovery week finally… (THANK YOU COACH JOHNNY KING-MARINO! So today, I only had a nice 6 mile run.  The legs were still tired from yesterday so I decided to get a little extra sleep and do the run at lunch.  I took the opening mile very slow and then relaxed into mid 7’s for the […]

A Great Morning for a Run on the Delaware Canal!

Today was a great morning to run.  Boston Pete met me at Cramer’s Bakery in Yardley, PA to run on the Delaware Canal towpath.  The run for today was a 2 hour run with the first 30 minutes relaxed with the next 60 minutes at roughly 6:20 pace (turning around 30 minutes in).  Then the […]

A Beautiful Run in Tyler State Park to Start a Busy Day

After a nice dinner last night with Boston Marathon friends I got up early this morning for a nice 8 mile run in Tyler State Park.  I did not sleep that well last night so I was a bit tired so getting started was a bit tougher than usual.   My first two miles were […]

Speedwork, A Great Item Donated and a Dinner I Was Lucky to Attend

So today was one of those busy days.  Some much going on at work, soccer practice for my son, and a speed workout looming.  Todays’s workout was 10 x 400m at a goal of 80 sec with a short 100m recovery.  Of course once again it was ridiculously windy with a big change of weather […]

Bucks Run for Boston – A Double Run Day

The day started with a very easy 4 mile morning run.  I have grown to love this run as it is quiet and I can be alone with my thoughts in beautiful Tyler State Park.  Coach Johnny King-Marino said this would become my favorite run and he was right… I was happy to get this […]