Easy day 7 miles… ahhh

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So I am starting my first full training week for the Maccabiah Games with Dr. Johnny King-Marino as my new coach.  So far so good. Yesterday’s long run with one hour at 6:25 pace went well and today was a nice easy 7 miles.  I kept the pace very easy which felt good.  Funny thing is in cooler weather it takes my HRM a little but to read correctly so the first 5 minutes or so show a high heart rate.  As soon as I get enough sweat going the HR drops to the actual HR.  The easy run kept the HR under 140 which felt nice, especially after my first day back at work after vacation.  I have made some other changes as well.    No more splenda or other sugar substitutes.  No added sugar added to things either and am going to do my best to eliminate processed foods.  We will see if an improved diet, better sleep and better training gets me where I want to be…  Today I start the process forward.

I have to go to sleep as I have to get up EARLY (4:15am) for 12 x 600m repeats with the first 400m at 10K pace and the next 200m at 5K pace.  I need to confirm with Johnny what the rest between intervals will be…

This should make for an interesting blog tomorrow….

Until then….  Please consider signing up for the Maccabi 5K on April 28th.  For information go to:


or join the Facebook event at:



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