What were you doing at 5:00am? I was on the track with Boston Pete.


Run April 2

Today’s workout seemed simply enough, 12 x 600m with 200m recovery.  The first 400m was to be at 10K pace with the 2nd 200m at 5K pace.  …

I got up at 4:10 when my LARK (iPhone alarm the uses a vibrating wrist band to wake you.  It also monitors you sleep patterns which is cool) didn’t function properly and the audio alarm from my iPhone (bird chirping or something …) went off…  Shoot!  I had to quickly turn it off in hopes on not waking Leslie…  FAIL!

So after that great start to the day, I got myself awake and over tot the track.  The mile warm up with Pete is usually tough as we try to wake up.  We talked about the workout and how with only 200m rest we needed to stick to the planned pace and not do our usual which is to run much faster than the pace set for the workout.  Pete was only going to run 8 of the 600’s as he is in taper mode for Boston.  As Boston is not my goal at all I am clearly not in taper mode but rather just starting my Maccabiah Games 1/2 marathon training.

The plan was to run the 200 splits in 44, 44 then 41…  We started the first one and hit the first 200 in 44..  Not bad we locked in and hit them in 43 or 44…  I did not check 400 splits but we did change pace and pick it up at 400m on each one.  Times were a bit slow so we must have slowed too much in that 2nd 200m.  All the times from the GPS were messed up as I had trouble hitting the lap at the end of each interval.  I basically had to come to a stop to do it.  Starting the intervals I had no issue as I was able to have my finger right on the button as we started up.  At the end of the day the workout was close to what we wanted to run and with another hard workout on Thursday (one that is harder that today’s workout) I am glad that we didn’t try to race this one!

Don’t forget about the 5K April 28th at 9:30am. To register click below.


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If you cannot make it but want to sponsor please click on the icon below to sponsor and learn more about the Maccabiah games.

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