Listen to the coach, even if it sounds a bit strange….

So today Dr. Johnny had me doubling today but it was like no other double I have done before.

“Wednesday AM: 40 minutes painfully slow after caffeine and water PM: 6 miles at recovery pace”

Run 1 Apr 3

Yes, painfully slow.  OK, if you have a coach you have to trust that coach.  This does not mean you do not ask questions, trust me I have been asking Johnny lots of questions, but you need to ultimately trust their knowledge and know that they have your best interests at heart.  So my first run today I tried to keep at about 9:00 minute pace.  NOT easy to do!!!  I got up, made some coffee and had that and some water but nothing else before that run.  Besides feeling weird to go so slow it was OK.  Yeah, I admit I changed the course so no one would see mw running at that pace… I am a wimp I guess.. The good part was Tyler State Park was beautiful this morning and NO ONE was there.  All I could hear was the water going over the dam.   It was really calming.  That was awesome!

run 2 Apr 3

The second run I squeezed in during a very late lunch break and that was run at a nice and comfortable recovery day pace.  I ran on the usual CR South loop from my house.  I felt good on that despite the gusty wind and unusually cold weather today..

Tomorrow is going to be a really hard one so I hope I am ready!!!!!!!  I just have to keep thinking Maccabiah Games in July!

Now if I can just figure out what I am going to do about Boston….  😦


Don’t forget about the Maccabi 5K April 28th at 9:30am. To register click below.

For more information visit our Facebook Event Site at:

If you cannot make it but want to sponsor please click on the icon below to sponsor and learn more about the Maccabiah games.

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