OK Wind, Tonight You Got Me!


photo Apr 4 run 1

So I  knew tonight was going to be a tough one.  2 miles easy right into 4 miles of tempo with a goal of 5:50 pace and then two miles easy.  I had thought about doing this on the canal which is flat and fast but decided upon the loop around Council Rock South HS.  I have done tis loop enough to know it runs SLOW.  I have been using it for tempo runs since 2009 and I have never been able to hold any where near my race pace for 1/2 marathon on it.  I am not sure why.  Maybe the turns , maybe the hills, may be running alone…..  Who knows but I figured I would test myself on it tonight.  I got out of the house once Leslie got home and was at CR South just as the BC Speedsters were headed out for their hill repeats.  I thought how nice it would have been to run in a group for this when I saw then run by as I was parking my car but tonight was a solo effort.  I got out and started the first two miles and right away I noticed the wind and the fact that it was colder than I expected.  I tried to pout this out of my and and told myself just get ready to run.  So I finished up the first loop and as the GPS was approaching 2 miles I was gathering myself to start the tempo. AS the watch buzzed at 2 miles I picked up the pace.  The open section had the wind in my face which took away the benefit of the slight down hill.  Oh well, just run hard..  I hit the mile in 5:55 which was disappointing as I know the second mile has some good uphill plus a grass section in it.  The second mile always runs slower..  Usually 20 sec slower and today was windy..  Sure enough I hit the second mile slow and then tried to pick up the pace..  I worked the second loop and the 4th mile was a tiny bit faster than the second so no complaints I guess.  Pace was over minutes but I have never run under 6 minute pace for 4 miles on this loop and this was run alone on a windy day.  Not was I was hoping for but I ran hard and felt good the entire way.  I could have help this pace for another loop for sure…  I will talk this one over with Coach Johnny and see what he thinks…

Tomorrow is a day off and it is Aaron and Ava’s 7th birthday so that will be fun!!  Saturday is back to 7 miles with 1 minute fartleks (pickups) and Sunday is 17 miles…

Don’t forget about the Maccabi 5K April 28th at 9:30am. To register click below.


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