Early 7 miles with 10 one minute hard pickups

So today coach (Dr. Johnny King-Marino) had me run 7 miles with 10 by 1 minute hard one minute easy pickups within the run.  I had to get this in first thing as today is a busy day.  Aaron had his first game of spring soccer and then piano lessons.  The typical run the kids around weekend day.  SO my plan was to get up at 6:00am and get this thing going.  I didn’t set an alarm as I am always up by then. Well sure enough I woke up at 6:20 so there went plan..  Anyway, I quickly got up and had a gu with caffeine and a full glass of water to try and get going and wake up.  I  got into my running stuff and headed out into the surprisingly cold 32F morning.    The first two miles were easy as I was waking up and then I started the one minute fast one minute easy section, ten repeats in total.   The first one was a bit tough as the body was not quite ready but I quickly found a groove.  It is amazing how much faster the one minute recovery goes than the one minute hard!   I saw Mike Brown’s Dad walking on the CRS Loop a few times as I was doing the pickup section.  I think he recognized me.    I finished the pickups and had two miles left to run home.  Perfect!  All in all a good workout and great start to the day.  The workout information from Garmin Connect is below.


Run April 6 2 Run April 6 1

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