A windy one on the track!

So today Coach Johnny had me run 12 x 200m at 5K pace with 2 miles warm up and 2 miles cool down.  I knew that CYO uses the track on Thursday evenings so I waited a but to head up to the track with the idea of starting my warm up when they were starting to finish up.  I saw a friend from the Bucks County Road Runners, Karl Prior, who has become of of the lead coaches with CYO so I asked him about when they were going to finish up.  He said in about 20 minutes which worked well for me to start my warm up.    I got in my two miles around the school and as I headed back to the track I could tell they were finishing up.  I was able to take off my sweats and stretch for a few minutes and begin the workout.

The winds were strong and swirling so I decided not to worry too much about times and just run based on effort.  I started the first one and ….  39.  Hmm…  That seemed perfect, not too hard but quick.  I managed to knock off the next 11 at about the same pace.  I am happy with this one.  It was dark by the time I started the cool down so it was a good thing I brought the headlamp.   The cool down was nice and easy and now I get a day off tomorrow.  Saturday is a tough one and then a medium long run Sunday on the canal.  Another one in the books!

photo-12 photo-11

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