A Good Run with a Good Friend – A Needed Break from the Tragedy

So after all the craziness of the last few days and way too much news coverage that seemed to make it that much worse, it was nice to meet an old friend for a nice run.  Today Coach Johnny King-Marino has for me a recovery day 8 miles.  My friend Joe Warwick  was hoping to get in a run and 8 miles worked for him so we met at Council Rock South.  Joe is a very good runner.  Although his training has been anything but good he has still has the genetics of a sub 4 minute miler (1500m conversion) who ran at the 1996 US Olympic trials.   I know even a “slow” run with Joe will not be that slow and somehow my level seems to increase when I run with him. Today we ran and we talked about a lot of things.  I was glad we did not talk much about the Boston Marathon, despite the face that I had an OLD Boston shirt on today and a Boston Marathon hat to support the cause.    (It is not hard to me to wear Boston stuff for every run for more than a week.  I own a ton of Boston Marathon clothing..)  During the run we actually spoke of upcoming races, the Maccabi Games, current training, the local high school track team, and many other topics.  It was the kind of run I needed to clear my head.  There has been so much talk of so much unspeakable tragedy that just a simple run seemed so cathartic.  We ran to run..  It is what I love about it and what  I will not let some pyscho terrorist take away from us!!!!!


Today's Course

Today’s Course

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Mile Splits

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