A Beautiful Run in Tyler State Park to Start a Busy Day

After a nice dinner last night with Boston Marathon friends I got up early this morning for a nice 8 mile run in Tyler State Park.  I did not sleep that well last night so I was a bit tired so getting started was a bit tougher than usual.   My first two miles were slow as usual but the rest of the run picked up the pace a little bit and kept it easy as tomorrow is another tough session.  Due to the heavy rain last night and some cooler temperatures this morning the park was usually empty.  My favorite type of park run, just me the trees and the water.  It is an awesome way to clear ones mind and just relax.  The park smelled the way it does after a heavy rain.  It seemed cleansed and somehow that seems to cleanse the mind as well.  It really is my favorite time of the  day and the best part of training for the Maccabi Games!

Morning 8 Mile Run!

Morning 8 Mile Run!


After the run I took my son Aaron to 9:00am soccer game.  His team the comets won 3-2!  First win of the season!!  All the boys were so happy to notch a win.

Soccer Game

Soccer Game Warm Up

Now off to  birthday party for our friends the Senior’s youngest child and then piano lessons for the family.  Yeah, our typical crazy weekend!

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