A Great Morning for a Run on the Delaware Canal!

Today was a great morning to run.  Boston Pete met me at Cramer’s Bakery in Yardley, PA to run on the Delaware Canal towpath.  The run for today was a 2 hour run with the first 30 minutes relaxed with the next 60 minutes at roughly 6:20 pace (turning around 30 minutes in).  Then the final 30 minutes was relaxed once again.  The plan was to have Boston Pete, coming off of the Boston Marathon,  run the first 30 minutes with me and then head back.  I was going to be running the tempo alone this time.

The view from Cramer's before the run.

The view from Cramer’s before the run.

A scary view of me in front of Cramer's before the run.

A scary view of me in front of Cramer’s before the run.

The beginning of the towpath from Cramer's in Yardley, heading north.

The beginning of the towpath from Cramer’s in Yardley, heading north.

The run started off nice and easy.  I was tired and of course Pete is still in recovery mode.  It was nice to be able to chat and relax a bit before the harder running to come.  It was remarkably cold this morning.  There were actually frost warnings out.  Pete commented that I was not bundled up as normal for a cold morning and it was because I knew I would warm up and it is tough to run hard pace too bundled.  I simply had shorts and a long sleeve technical shirt from the 2011 Boston Marathon as I have been wearing Boston attire all week.

At just before 30 minutes I thanked Pete and right on the 30 mark I hit the split on my Garmin and took off.  The legs felt a bit heavy as the last few weeks have been tough since I started running Coach Johnny King-Marino’s workouts. I hit the first mile in 6:21. O.K. I thought, that is on pace but I was a bit worried that my legs were feeling a bit tired only one mile in.  The second mile was slow 6:33. At that point I have to admit I was worried that I would not complete this as intended. After two miles though I seemed to find a rhythm and that 6:33 ended up being my slowest of the day.   I was at 29:30 into the pace portion and I noticed there was a section of the canal under water just ahead.  Rather then soak my feet I turned around at 29:40 so I knew I would be running a bit further at the end.  Not really a big deal as at that point I would be finishing up my easy 30.  Anyway, at even splits It would be 20 seconds past and twenty seconds back.  That was not the case as the opening 30 minutes was slower than the final and I ran the 60 minutes a bit negative as well. In total, I was a bit slow but not much averaging 6:24 during the 60 minute pace section so all in all I am happy with that.

Splits for the Hour Pace Portion..

Splits for the Hour Pace Portion..

Course Map for Today's Run

Course Map for Today’s Run


Hey if you in the Philadelphia area please do not forget about the Maccabi 5K this weekend.  Online registration through Thursday of this week!!


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2 Comments on “A Great Morning for a Run on the Delaware Canal!”

  1. Raina June 3, 2013 at 9:29 pm #

    Well, that’s a SUPER run!! Nice work! Glad to have found your blog. Are you planning to go back to Boston in 2014?

    • run10k31 June 3, 2013 at 9:54 pm #

      Yes, I will be back in 2014!

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