Morning Recovery Day 5 Mile Hunger Run

Wow , that tittle was a mouthful.    Today was an easy run that Coach Johnny calls a hunger run.  The idea is to teach the body to burn fat more effectively.  The run is done first thing in the morning with only water and perhaps a little black coffee.   The pace is very easy, almost painfully slow.  I have learned to like some of these morning runs as I can just let my mind relax and just focus on the sun coming up and the quite that is morning.   Today I felt good.  Seems the legs are recovering a bit as I definitely feel less fatigued than last week.

Below is my course and some photos I took on the run the morning.  I have thought to myself on many of these runs how awesome the view is and finally remembered to carry my iPhone with me on this run.  SInce today was an easy run it did not effect my training at all to do so.  Living so close to Tyler State Park is such a joy.  Tomorrow the intensity picks back up…



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