9 miles with 6 x 2 minutes at 10K race pace with 1 minute recovery

Today I got my workout in as a late lunch with Joe Warwick joining me for Coach Marino’s latest fun running concoction.  Joe is an amazing talent and has more speed than me so I know he will push me with workouts like today.  The idea of todays workout was to get some quicker pace running in without beating me up too much.  We started at CR South and ran 3 miles at a comfortable mid 7 min/mi pace and then started the pickups.  Basically we ran 5:30 min/mi for 2 min then one min back to the easier pace and then back to 5:30 min/mi again for a total of 6 repeats.  On interval number 3 I hit the stop button rather than the lap so I was wondering why my GPS seemed stuck at 1:00 min..  Duh!!!!    I figured out as we we running the next recovery minute.  So I guess I missed about 0.37 mi on the GPS.   Running with Joe it is tough to not end up running these too quick as he has so much natural speed but at the end of the day the pace seemed about right.

I had to zip right back to work after but it was a good workout for sure.  One day closer to the Maccabi Games Half Marathon!



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