Maccabi 5K a Success… and then a Long Run with 4 miles Tempo

So today was the Maccabi 5K.  There are time I think directing a race is tougher than racing one.  I was up at 4:45am to start organizing and getting the car packed.  I had a little bit to eat and a much need cup of coffee and then with the car packed full of water and tables and race sign and all the other items needed I headed out to Council Rock South to mark the course.  I was there a bit before 6:00am and the race volunteers were asked to show at 7:30am so I had plenty of time to get the 5K course marked.  I am a BIG believer in OVER marking a course.  I want it crystal clear where to run so the runners can focus on their race and not trying to figure out where to go.  So I used chalk for the start line and the used orange cones with Bucks County Road Runner signs that have arrows on the indicating which direction to go.  Each turn was well marked and some of the sections where the course went straight but there was an option to turn I had arrows indicating that you must go straight.    I put all the cones and signs, including signs for the mile  and two mile, in a baby jogger and push that as I ran the course.  It is amazing how long a 5K can take when you are constantly stopping to mark the course!

Marking the Maccabi 5K Course

Marking the Maccabi 5K Course

I got the 5K marked by just after 7 and by that time Harris had arrived and he helped me mark the mile fun run course.  By the time we were done that the volunteers began to show up which was perfect.  7:20am and both courses were marked.  Now it was a matter of getting the volunteers their assignments and setting the the registration table and the finish chute.  As All State was the title sponsor we placed an All State banner over the finish line.  Figuring out how to do that was a bit tricky but we got it done and I think we had a very cool finish line for this tiny 5K.

The Chris Thompson starting setting up al his equipment.  He had a generator to power his MAC and sound system.  This was awesome.  We had music for the event, played the national anthem and had a PA system to announce.  All of this was amazing helpful and Chris did an awesome job!

We had 38 pre-registrants which was not as high as I was hoping but not terrible for a first time 5K that was put on with fairly short notice and no budget.  It was called a no-frills 5K to keep the cost down and allow me to keep the price really low.  $15 to enter the 5K.  Due to sponsors we still had a decent race bag with t-shirts and it was ALL donated.  The weather today was perfect and due to that we doubled our number with race day registration!  All in all a huge success.

Joe Warwick, one of my training partners and a good friend won the race.  I did not give out awards though.  Instead all prizes, which were donated, were raffled so every runner had a equal chance of winning.  The raffle was fun and I think all the runners were happy with the event, at least I hope so!

Joe Warwick Winning the Maccabi 5K

Joe Warwick Winning the Maccabi 5K

Tom Beerbower Working the Finish Line

Tom Beerbower Working the Finish Line

After the raffle the volunteers were A HUGE help in getting the area cleaned up.  Everything was cleaned up by 11:00am.  I did do another few miles making sure we had no cones left on the course.  I was home and unpacking what I had left over by 11:15am.  Amazing!

I was tired for sure but I still had my workout for the day.  I had a 12 mile run that was broken up into 3 parts.  4 miles at 7:30 pace, 4 miles at 6:20, and then 4 at 7:30…  I relaxed for a little bit and then headed to the Delaware Canal for my workout.  The first 4 miles felt good. I cold tell I was tired from the day but the miles clicked fairly easily.  When my watch beeped at 4 miles I picked up the pace.  Well, I must have been feeling good as I was concerned that my mile might be slow..  5:50…  Ooops.  Well I was feeling good so went with it.  Finished up the 4 and dropped back to 7:30’s.  Very happy with that workout as it was warm, I was alone and it had already been a long day… I guess my GPS watch also had a long day a the battery dies with about 100m left in the run..

12 Miles Run as 4 Easy - 4 Quickish - 4 Easy

12 Miles Run as 4 Easy – 4 Quickish – 4 Easy


Speaking of long days I am tired so enough writing.  Tomorrow is another day…








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  1. Robert fried April 29, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

    Great job

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