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7 Miles with Pickups – Bring on the Heat! Quick posting this time around… Today coach Marino had me run 7 miles with 6 one minute intervals at 5K race pace with one minute of recovery pace running in between.  I ran this workout in the morning but even this morning it was already in the 70’s and humid.  I ran 3 miles […]

Back on the Track 5 x 1000m with 400m Recovery Tonight coach Marino had 5 x1000m planned for me.  He wanted this fairly intense as we have a race planned on the weekend so will not be hammering again this week.  I really have not had a good track workout yet in this build up to the Maccabi Games.  I generally have not had […]

A Relaxed 8 Miles on Memorial Day   Today for Memorial Day I had a nice easy 8 miles on the schedule.  After a nice 17 yesterday I was told to keep the pace nice and easy today.    I started the run just before 7am and it was gorgeous outside.  The sun was just coming up and there was not […]

17 Miles on a Great Morning with Good Company Today’s run was a 17 miler.  It ended up being a perfect morning for a long run.  It was cool, in the 50’s F, just a little bit windy and without a cloud in the sky.  Harris Brenner offered to start the run from his house which is right near the Washington Crossing bridge. […]

What a Difference 4 Days Makes! This time COLD and WINDY on the Track! It is amazing how much the weather can change this time of year.  Tuesday I was on the track and it was mid 80’s F with very high humidity.  This morning it was in the 40’s with gusty winds. of course Tuesday was LONG intervals and today was shorter faster intervals right into the […]

11 Miles with 3 @ “Tempo-ish” Pace in Pea Soup Today’s workout was an 11 mile run with 3 miles of tempo.   I got up early to get this one in and at 5:30am it was already 71F and quite humid.  I again had some issues with the Garmin 610 getting a satellite.  I had to shut down the GPS and restart it […]

HOT Temps on the Track..

  Thanks to the BC Speedsters (Track Club) for letting me run my own workout during their track practice.  This time of year it is hard to find an open track in Bucks County so I am very thankful for the generosity. Today was the hottest day of the year thus far here in […]

16 Rainy Miles in Tyler State Park Today was a buys day so I started my 16 miler early.  Joe Warwick asked my to join and but he was starting at 8:30am and Harris asked me to run but the group he was running with was doing 9+ minute miles and as much as I would have liked to run with […]

Recovery Friday and then Back to the Track! Friday was a much needed recovery day.  This has not been a killer week but it has did have a solid track workout Tuesday and an increase on mileage.  Having a day with a short run at an easy pace felt good.  I did get in push ups and core work with the stability […]

A 10 Mile Run is a Great Way to Start the Day! Today Coach Marino had a 10 miler for me on the schedule and I had a busy day so it meant I had to get up early and knock this out.  I decided to run from my house to Tyler State Park and run a modified Winter Series back loop.  I had […]