On to the next!

OK so I have had 24 hours to vent and had some friends put me in my place.  I needed a bit to vent but at the end of the day the race served a useful purpose.  The purpose of the race was to give me a current benchmark to see where I am.  Now I know where I am and I have nine weeks to make corrections to get to where I want to be. That is a great thing.  I am blessed that I can run, that I am healthy and now I am more motivated..   This is all good.

To those that came back at me and said, hey you are not all that.  You had a bad day so move on and quit whining…  THANK YOU!  That was exactly what I needed!  On to the NEXT!

See below for my 5 miles at lunch.  A great recovery run.  It is amazing how a nice run can clear the head and put all in perspective…


Today's recovery run!

Today’s recovery run!


One Comment on “On to the next!”

  1. ianesenior May 6, 2013 at 5:13 pm #

    Mike, I have faith in you that you will achieve your goal. You have given me support and been patient enough with ALL my questions over the last couple of years. You will be rewarded for putting up with me. I am sure that will be in the form of a podium place 🙂

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