A Double Monday and Back to the Track Tuesday

So Monday was a recovery day split into two runs.  The morning run was a Johnny Marino “Hunger Run” .  This is  run as soon a you get up with no calories, just a little bit of coffee and water.  The workout was a 30 minute run and I did my run into Tyler State Park which is a nice relaxing run and perfect for this.   I had to use Leslie’s Garmin 210 as my Garmin 610 once again did not charge.  I am at the point where I need to clean the leads daily to keep the watch charging.  Urgh!


Morning Hunger Run

Morning Hunger Run

After work I had a nice recovery 5 mile run which I ran on a modified version of the CRS Loop.  I took the pace easy and just enjoyed being outside.  I thought I might see some Bucks Country Road Runner folks at CRS Track but they had yet to show up as I ran past the track.  For this run my 610 was fully charged so I was able to use it!


5 Mile Evening Run

5 Mile Evening Run

Tuesday was back to the track.  I had 6 x 1000m at 10K pace with 400m recovery on the schedule.    CRS track was being used by CYO track so I joined the BC Speedsters at New Hope Solebury track.  I had never run there before.  What a magnificent facility!  I got there later than the speedsters and I had my own workout so I was running alone.  This workout is tough to run alone but I need to learn to push myself harder when running by myself.  I find myself settling into comfortable pacing rather than keeping the pedal down and pushing through pain.  I need to be more aware when I settle and kick myself in the butt to increase the intensity!  I have 69 days until the Maccabiah Half Marathon.  I need to reteach my mind to push through pain and not give into it!


6 x 1000m at New Hope Solebury Track

6 x 1000m at New Hope Solebury Track


Split Time Distance Avg Moving Pace Avg Run Cadence Calories
1 03:38.0 0.63 5:43 92 71
2 02:23.8 0.26 9:17 82 28
3 03:37.5 0.64 5:38 91 71
4 02:31.4 0.26 9:31 81 28
5 03:40.6 0.63 5:45 91 70
6 02:27.9 0.26 9:32 81 27
7 03:38.4 0.63 5:47 92 72
8 02:29.2 0.26 9:34 82 27
9 03:40.5 0.64 5:42 92 70
10 02:32.7 0.25 10:00 81 27
11 03:27.9 0.63 5:29 95 70



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