Recovery Friday and then Back to the Track!

Recovery Day Run to Tyler State Park

Recovery Day Run to Tyler State Park

Friday was a much needed recovery day.  This has not been a killer week but it has did have a solid track workout Tuesday and an increase on mileage.  Having a day with a short run at an easy pace felt good.  I did get in push ups and core work with the stability ball.


Saturday was a busy day.  The day started early with a neighborhood yard sale and then I had to take my son Aaron to his U7 soccer game..


Aaron's Soccer Game

Aaron’s Soccer Game

Yard Sale!

Yard Sale!

One we we back home from the soccer game we finished up the yard sale and on to piano lessons.  We are all preparing for a recital in a few weeks.

Once that was done it was time to hit the track for speed work.  I drove to Council Rock South and as I approached the track I saw there was an big event going on with bounce rides and lots of people.  So, CR South track was out of the question.  I drove over to Council Rock North and although there was en event there as well it was in the front of the school and the track utilized.  The track was empty which was great.

I started with a bit over one mile warm up.  I would have liked to do more but I was worried about losing the track so I wanted to get going.  After warming up I did some light stretching and some striders.  The workout was 12 x 300m  with 100m recovery.  A nice workout as the start of each interval is at the same location.    I started the first interval and in the middle of it I felt my Garmin 610 vibrate.  That meant I never restarted it after my warm-up.  I must of just hit the lap button to start.  Oops, I missed timing that one.  Based on the times of the other ones I am guessing it was about 57 seconds.  I then started the GPS and did get the next 11 times.  The pace was just a tick better than my current 5 pace as I averaged just under 60 sec for the 300’s.

IMG_1082 IMG_1084 IMG_1085 IMG_1086 IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1083

After the track work I ran a 4 mile cool down by running from CR North into Tyler State Park and run to the dam and back to the track which amazingly enough was exactly 4 miles.  Getting in some miles right after speed work helps the legs not stiffen up later and teaches one how to run with tired legs.  All in all not a bad day.  Tomorrow looking forward to meeting some folks for a long run. 65  days until Maccabiah Games half marathon.


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