16 Rainy Miles in Tyler State Park


Today was a buys day so I started my 16 miler early.  Joe Warwick asked my to join and but he was starting at 8:30am and Harris asked me to run but the group he was running with was doing 9+ minute miles and as much as I would have liked to run with those guys that pace is too slow for my training.   So I decided to run start my run and get in about 10 miles by 8:30am and then run the final 6 with Joe.

So I headed off to Tyler to start my run by 7:15am.  The first mile was slow as I was still asleep  but I quickly locked into a relaxed pace between 7:00 and 7:30 per mile.  The rain was constant but not heavy.  It was a cool light rain that actually felt nice to run in. The rain also kept many out of the park so it was nice and quiet.  All I could hear was the light rain falling on the leaves and my footsteps.  I love running in that type of solitude.  The stress of life just seems to melt away…

After knocking off 10 miles I saw Joe, who had just arrived, and his brother in law Jon who was meeting Jim Barger and another friend to run.  Joe joined me and we headed off to run another 6.  Joe always runs a nice pace and at thought point of the run it was nice to have the company.  Time always flies by when running with Joe.   We get lost in conversation.   It was great to have a run like this after a nice  workout yesterday on the track..

16 Mile Run in Tyler State Park



We finished the run before 9:30am which was great as we had an event at Shir Ami after the kids were done hebrew school.  The event was for both the last day of hebrew school and the 36th anniversary of the Synagogue.  In Judaism 36 is an important number as it it twice 18 which in hebrew is “chai” which also means life.   As a surprise to me I was honored for my selection to the Maccabi USA team.  Rabbi Goldberg spoke to the synagogue about my selection, what it means and when I am going to Israel for the games.  That was nice..  After a short service there was a fun party for the kids to celebrate…

60 days until the opening ceremonies and 64 days until the Maccabiah Half Marathon..



Aaron Dancing at the Shir Ami Party.

Aaron Dancing at the Shir Ami Party.



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