HOT Temps on the Track..


Thanks to the BC Speedsters (Track Club) for letting me run my own workout during their track practice.  This time of year it is hard to find an open track in Bucks County so I am very thankful for the generosity.

Today was the hottest day of the year thus far here in the Philadelphia area so of course I had a track work out scheduled.  The workout was more of a “quickish” pace.  The workout was 2 x 2 mile at 6;15-6:20 pace with 800m recovery followed by 4 x 400m at 85 seconds.  It sounds easy and normally would be but as I am not yet acclimated to heat and it was in the mid 80’sF during this workout  it felt harder.

I started by running a mile plus warmup on the track.  I noticed during the warmup that my GPS was timing but not showing any distance.  For some reason it never found a satellite.  I  had not figured this out then I just thought I missed hitting the start button.  After the warmup while stretching I reset the Garmin to record the data and saw that it showed the time of my warmup .  I thought that was strange but…  Once reset I lined up to start the first of my 2 mile interval.  I hit the start button and I could feel the watch vibrate indicating it did start.  As I was coming around the the first lap I looked at the Garmin to get my 400m split and I could see the GPS was not recording distance.  Stupidly I stopped.  I am not sure why I did not just time the 2 mile.  Heck for the first 25 years of my running life I simply used a stop watch but now I need to collect every bit of data.  I had to turn off the Garmin and completely reset it and bam! I finally got a satellite. So I got in an extra 400m and now I started the workout for a second time…

The first mile was a tad quick at 5:54 and I did not slow much for the second mile.  After the 800m I started the second 2 mile repeat and I could feel tingling in my hands from the heat so I slowed the pace to what Johnny asked me to run and I hit the first in 6:20 and  the second mile I slowed a bit too much and ran that in 6:26.  I felt good. I just fell asleep in the second mile worrying more about going to quick with the 400’s still to go.

After another 800m recovery I hit the 4 x 400m.  The pace felt like a nice strider.  I simply tried to keep good form and not fall apart due to the heat.  The 400’s felt easy but when I was done I felt like I had worked.  It is amazing what the heat can do and it is a very good reminder to me that I need to train in this heat to get ready to race in it in Israel.  Right now I am clearly not ready for the heat. I do have time to acclimate.  I just have to hope we have warm weather here….

62 days until the Maccabiah Games Half Marathon…


Track work in New Hope

Track work in New Hope

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