11 Miles with 3 @ “Tempo-ish” Pace in Pea Soup


Today’s workout was an 11 mile run with 3 miles of tempo.   I got up early to get this one in and at 5:30am it was already 71F and quite humid.  I again had some issues with the Garmin 610 getting a satellite.  I had to shut down the GPS and restart it to get a signal.  Once that was set I was able to run.  The first 600m of data is not that accurate but then it locked it.  I got in 4 miles at an easy pace and then started the 3 mile tempo section.  I was careful not to run race pace and hit the fist mile in 6:14 which seemed about right.  The second mile was is the harder mile. It has uphill, sections of grass and today a nice head wind. All that and the pace slowed to about 6:30. I finished it up with a 6:02..  After that was 5 miles at a relaxed pace to finish up..  It felt good to get this one in the books as the pace felt easy.  Tonight is some core work and push ups.

61 days until the Maccabiah Half Marathon..


IMG_1106 IMG_1107 IMG_1108 IMG_1109 IMG_1110 splits




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