What a Difference 4 Days Makes! This time COLD and WINDY on the Track!


It is amazing how much the weather can change this time of year.  Tuesday I was on the track and it was mid 80’s F with very high humidity.  This morning it was in the 40’s with gusty winds. of course Tuesday was LONG intervals and today was shorter faster intervals right into the wind.  Hey, it made both tougher so I guess that is a good thing.

I decided to run at CR North this morning so I could meet up with the Bucks County Speedsters after the workout.  The Speedsters meet at the Great Harvest Bread Company for a distance run on Saturday’s and after the run go in for coffee and great baked items.  As CR North is close to the Great Harvest I thought I might as well run my workout and meet the folks after.

So I get to CR North and it was COLD and  WINDY!  I am glad I had sweats for my warm up.  I warmed up for a bit over a mile and then stripped down to shorts for the workout.  The wind on the back stretch was tough and this workout lined up such that all my recovery was on the front stretch so I go no wind at my back on the intervals at all.  The workout was 6 x 300m (100m recovery) followed by 4 x 200m ((200m recovery).  Coach Johnny King-Marino wanted me to to hold all at 5K pace.  I ended up running the 300m in 60-61 which is at my 5K pace.  That felt relaxed despite the wind.  I picked up the pace on the 200’s but made sure I was keeping good form, even into the wind.

The track was empty this morning but I did see a Bucks County legend, Frank Rubino at the track.  Frank has been running in our local area for years.  He is in his 80’s and is still running!  At one point he was one of 15 people to have run every Philadelphia Distance Run!  He was kind enough to ask how my training was going and when I was headed to the Maccabiah in Israel to run the half marathon.

After the track work I got in a bit over 3 miles cool down in Tyler State Park.

IMG_1114 IMG_1115 IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1118

Today I also used my new Garmin 310XT instead of my Garmin 610 which has been having charging issues.  The 310XT is a bit clunkier in its design but being bigger I actually found as a positive.  The bigger screen was easier for me to see and the bigger buttons were much easier to use during the speed workout!  For the money this might be the best GPS watch available!


Garmin 610

Garmin 610


Garmin 310XT

Garmin 310XT


After the run I met up with the Speedsters at the Great Harvest Bread Company.  That was a good time and it was nice to meet up with everyone!



Only 60 days until the Maccabiah Half Marathon!!


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