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A Nice Easy 60 Minutes

Nothing complicated about today’s workout just a simple 60 minute run.  I decided to run in Tyler and made a modified loop that brought me back home in exactly an hour.  I was sluggish and not really awake for the first few miles but the longer I ran the better I felt.     […]

A Double Monday and Back to the Track Tuesday

So Monday was a recovery day split into two runs.  The morning run was a Johnny Marino “Hunger Run” .  This is  run as soon a you get up with no calories, just a little bit of coffee and water.  The workout was a 30 minute run and I did my run into Tyler State […]

Relaxed 15 Miles on the Canal on Mother’s Day   Today started early with the kids.  We let Leslie sleep in and put together a nice breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day.  The kids made cards and gifts which made for a fun morning.  I had to quick zip the kids to religious school at 9:00am and then I zipped to the […]

24 by 200m (200m rec) at CR South Track Connect – Details

24 by 200m (200m rec) at CR South Track by run10k31 at Garmin Connect – Details.   So today’s workout was 24 by 200m at HM pace.  This morning was pouring and I have not been getting enough sleep so I bagged the 6:30 am idea hoping that Aaron’s 9:00am soccer game would be rained […]

A few runs in Pittsfield, MA and Back Home for Friday

This week of training was a busy one as I was in Pittsfield, MA for a training course.  Not much free time for sure but it was nice to run in my old stomping grounds.  It is funny how you can be out of an area for close to 20 years and still know it […]

On to the next!

OK so I have had 24 hours to vent and had some friends put me in my place.  I needed a bit to vent but at the end of the day the race served a useful purpose.  The purpose of the race was to give me a current benchmark to see where I am.  Now […]

Not the day I had hoped for….   Today did not turn out as I had expected and hoped. I am not sure why but it is worth looking at the last 6 weeks to try and figure this out. In late March, after finishing the Winter Series, my legs were tired and I was not particularly motivated to run the […]

“Shake Out” Run – Ready For Broad Street So today I got up early for an easy 4 miles to just shake out the legs. The run was nice and easy and it was a gorgeous morning for a run.  Watched the sun come up over the water in Tyler.  The legs felt good and I feel ready.    I am taking […]

6 Miles with 6 x 1 minute pickups (1 min recovery) at 6am

. So this morning I met Joe Warwick at Council Rock Rock at 6:00am for a quick 6 mile run with some pick-ups.   It was a cool morning but a great one for running.  We ran for about 2 miles from CRS to Tyler State Park and then started the 1 minute pickups.  The […]

A nice quiet 5 miler to Tyler as the sun came up

Recovery Day Morning 5 Miles by run10k31 at Garmin Connect – Details.   Today was a nice was recovery run and done, as Coach Marino calls it, as a hunger run.  Run with out calories before hand just a bit of coffee to wake up and some water to hydrate.  There was just a little […]