A Solid Week of Training

I cut back on the blogging a bit this week as the week was busy.  This still was a very good week of training with 3 harder efforts.   Monday was a double but it was a recovery day with 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.   Tuesday was 3 x 2000m with 800m recovery at 10K pace.  That workout felt strong but I ran it alone, although I did the workout while the speedsters were doing their speed work (THANKS BC SPEEDSTERS!), and I allowed myself to settle too much on the second one.  I do need to work on focusing on the longer intervals when running alone and also pushing through the discomfort more.  I usually have more in me than I think I do.  I used to be more tough mentally.  Perhaps it is simply practicing pushing through.

Wednesday I ran 7 miles with 6 x 1 minute at 5K pace with 30 seconds recovery.  This was not very hard but does help work on turnover.  This was a solid run.  Thursday I got in an early morning 10 mile run on the CR South loop before the storms came.  The run was at a relaxed 7:30 effort.  Friday was a scheduled recovery day.

Today the work out was 6 miles with the middle two miles at HM race pace.  I asked Bill Gould to join me as I knew he would eat this workout up.  I planned to run in on the DE canal which is flat and that is right in Bill’s wheel basket.    Coach Marino wanted me to run those two at 6 min pace but I told Bill 5:50 pace to make sure we were not slow. Bill and I met at Cramer’s Baler in Yardley, PA at 9:05am.  It was already getting warm which is good for me.   We ran the first two miles at 7:30 pace and then turned around and ran two miles back at 5:50 pace.  According to Bill’s GPS we hit 5:47 then 5:50.  Mine was a bit slower but I will go with his splits instead!  The first mile we ran together stride for stride.  There were some muddy patches on the canal from the rain and on of the canal relief points was flooding over so we splashed though the 3 or 4 inch water.  I was clearly feeling this week of training.  The second mile Bill pushed, which I was counting on, and I struggled for the first 800m of it.  I fell back but just a few meters and then I forced my self to stay there.  Bill was pointing to the ground next to him telling me to get my butt back up there.  That helped keep me focused.  I was happy when it was done.  We ran the next two miles at 7:25 and 7:00 roughly.  Only 6 miles but a good workout for sure.  Thanks Bill!




Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 5.52.12 PM

I have also been consistently getting core workouts and push-ups using the stability ball.  I am beginning to see an improvement  in my upper body and core strength.  It has taken a while but I am beginning to see an effect for sure.  I am also been very careful about my diet and that combined with the training I have lost weight and dropped down to a 29 waist.  I have not worn a 29 in years..  Let’s hope this translates to some faster racing.  Speaking of racing, I have scheduled my last tune up race before the Maccabiah Games Half Marathon.  It will be the Revolutionary Run 10K in Washington’s Crossing PA on July 4th.  It is typically very hot and humid so this should be good practice for what I will be in for in Israel.  There is usaually some decent competition too so I will be pushed for sure!

I leave for Israel in 31 days and the opening ceremonies is on 33 days.  37 days until the half marathon!

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