Good Start to the Training Week


So far a good start to the training week.  Monday was an early morning recovery day 40 minute run.  The pace was mid 7’s and It was another one of those really nice mornings.  No doubt now this is one of my favorite runs.  No pressure.  Just go out and relax and enjoy the quiet and solitude….


Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.44.13 PM



I finished up the day with another stability ball push up session.  I am finally beginning to feel stronger and it is helping my running form as well.


Today Coach Marino had me run 2 x 2 mile with 800m recovery.  The 2 mile interval was to be run as a build.  I was to start a bit easier but increase speed after each 800m with the last 800m being faster  than 10K pace.  I decided to run at CR South where the Bucks County Speedsters run their workout on Tuesdays.  The speedsters were doing 12 x 300m after running a timed 400m so needless to say very different than my workout.  It was also rainy tonight and the track had some nice puddles in lanes 1 and 2.  I ran 1 mile warm up and then realized the BC Speedsters were starting their 400m time trials so I decided to get in a bit more warm-up.    When they were done I started the first 2 mile interval.  I hit the first 200m in 42 sec so I slowed as that was too fast.  I relaxed and hit the first 800m in 3:00.  In this 2 mile my pace was a bit erratic as I got caught in some of the speedsters 300m repeats so I was a bit quick.  I ended up running the two mile in the mid 11:00’s .  It did not feel too hard but I did not run that one correctly.  After an 800m I started the second two mile and this one I relaxed and ran the workout as intended hitting the last 800m in 2:50 and I had a lot more in me.  I was very happy at the end.  The times were not supper fast but they were not supposed to be.  The key was I was able to run a faster pace off of a decent pace.  I did that in the rain and ran much of it moving in and out of lane 2.   (I tired to keep my garmin on a lap only page and use manual splits.    It worked for the workout but I missed a split here and there so the GPS data is tough to follow..)

A good start to the week!  28 days until I leave for Israel!  30 days until the opening ceremony and 34 days until the Maccabiah Half Marathon!

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