A Tough Two Days



So the last two days have been interesting ones on my training. All has been going so well that a small set back is not really unexpected. So yesterday’s workout was to be 8 miles with 2 miles at sub 6 pace and the rest of it at a relaxed 7:30 or so. Bill Gould was kind enough to join me and we started as soon as I was done work. Leslie had to stay late at work so I got a baby sitter to watch the kids while I snuck in this workout. Also threatening to cut the workout was a line of severe thunderstorms headed are way. Bill and I decided to head out and get the workout in. I designed it so the last 2 miles would be around the block by my house just in case we needed to cut the work out short. It was nice and hot and humid when we headed out. Just as designed we took the first two miles easy and then dropped pace. The sub 6 pace felt easy which was good. We hit the first mile in 5:49 and that felt relaxed. As we started the second mile I could feel the heat but still felt good. The next miles had some more turns so it ran just a touch slower but still under 6. Mission accomplished. We took the next two miles easy and then BOOM! Good thing we were near my house. Workout over…

My stomach had felt strange since early afternoon and this was one of those “burpy” kind of runs. I did not think too much about it though. After cleaning up I had my recovery drink and bit of dinner and about 8:30pm got the kids ready for bed and then realized I felt nauseous. By 9:15pm what ever dinner I had plus much of lunch was coming back up and I was doing that until just after 10:00pm. Not sure what the cause was but it was not fun for sure. I didn’t sleep well after that and got up at about 5:30am to start the day.

The workout for Saturday was to be an easy 15 miles on the canal. The Bucks County Road Runners were have their summer running festival and ultra-marathon in Tyler State Park so I though I would run my 15 in Tyler. I got there by 6:30am to help the club set up only to find, along with about 10 others, that the park ranger had not yet opened the park. After waiting until 6:45 for him to come I then helped out and started my run about 8:00am and it was already getting hot. I ran with Dan Schaal for a the first 5+ mile loop and while the pace felt easy (7:30), I could feel warn down for the puke fest the night before. I got in another loop and as the temps went up I decided 10 miles was enough. I did not feel terrible but was afraid I was not able to hydrate enough after the night before and was concerned that if I overdid it I would be out of commission for a few days. As I have the Rev Run on July 4th as a milestone race before the Maccabiah Half Marathon I want to go into that feeling good. I think discretion was the better part of valor to day.

After today’s run we had piano lessons and as soon as that was done the we drove the kids to Hershey Park for tonight and tomorrow. Because of this Sunday was a planned off/X-train day so I should be OK by Monday. A few easier days then July 4th race and some more hard training to come before we start tapering a bit.

17 days and I will be on a flight to Israel! It is getting close now!






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