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Results Final – Double Silver

So the results are final. Unfortunately everything was not resolved before I left Israel. I was 2nd in the 40-49 and our 40-49 team was second as well. My overall place was 23rd in the race and only Israelis (open and one master), open American’s and one open Australian beat me. Despite the slow time […]

Hold on.. Results still in Flux

Today two days after the race the results are still in flux. The individual medal count shows Team USA medaling in several age groups including me in the 40-49. The team results are not being given as there were not enough complete teams in several age brackets. No idea when things may, if ever, get […]

Maccabiah Games Half Marathon – Race Report

I have mixed emotions as I write up this race report. The course was brutal and all the times were slow. Most all of Maccabi USA’s team was 5-10 minutes (or more) slower than their anticipated time. The course was all hilly with some of significant length. There was no break from either climbing or […]

Last Preparations … Almost there

So today is the big day. I cannot believe it. I am now in my hotel room with most everything ready. I have to admit I am nervous but I know that I have trained as hard as I could and did everything possible to race well tonight. The team had a great team dinner […]

Final Practice Run and Half Marathon Technical Meeting!

Garmin Data So today was the final training day. I cannot believe it. All this training and it the final run was an easy 3 miles on the track with 4 x 100m striders on the straights of the last 800m. It was tough to not run too fast but it felt great to run […]

5 Miles with 6 by 30 Second Pick Ups Plus a Special Treat!

Garmin Data Follow Maccabi USA on Facebook! Follow Maccabi USA on Twitter! So today was a nice easy 5 miles with some long 30 second striders put in. I ran this in the evening to begin to get myself used to running at this time of day over here in Israel. Being Shabbat here in […]

A crazy day but got in a solid workout anyway

Garmin Data So today started late due to being up until 3:30am for the opening ceremonies. I wasn’t up partying it was simply transportations issues getting back to Tel Aviv. So the morning track time was out the window. We were first told we could have the track from 6-8pm tonight but as this is […]

The Opening Ceremonies

So Yesterday was the Opening Ceremonies at Tedi Stadium in Jerusalem. An amazing experience for sure. All the countries that marched in the stadium and the events. A very cool thing to be a part of. The transportation back to Tel Aviv was a bit of an experience put a bit of a downer on […]

I made it to Israel – This is REAL!!!

I cannot believe it! I am now here!! A long flight but not too bad really. A few movies, yes I watched Chariots of Fire on my iPad, and a few hours of sleep and next thing you know we were landing!! I met a guy from the USA masters Hockey team which was nice […]

Final Workout before I leave! 4 x Mile at Goal Pace So today is it.  The day I leave for Israel.  I got up at 4:20am so I could meet Pete at the track to run this 4 x mile.  We ran a mile warm up and cool down.  The plan was to cruise these miles at 6:00 flat.  Hopefully this was to feel easy. […]