An Easier Start to the Week with July 4th 10K in View

So the beginning of this week was a bit easier. The goal here is back off just a touch to hopefully race well on July 4th as my last tune up before the Maccabiah Games. After the race on the 4th I will ram back up for a short bit before I begin to sharpen for the big day.

Monday started the week with a relaxed 7 mile hunger run. I got up early had a nice cup of black coffee and then some water. Once I was awake just before 6am I hit the roads on the CR South loop. The run went as these runs usually do. It took me a mile plus to get the legs going but after that I cruised nicely a 7+ min/mile.



Today I hit the track to sharpen a bit. The workout was designed to not take much out of the legs so I will be ready for Thursday’s 10K but yet allow me to sharpen a bit. The pace was only 5K race pace so it did not feel too hard. The workout was 6 x 400m followed by 4 x 200m all with 200m recovery. Once again I ran while the Bucks County Speedsters had their workout. They were running a similar 400m repeat but with 400m recovery. I ran on my own and tried not to get mixed up in their pace as I have done before. I wanted to focus on working on my own pace.

As soon as I arrived to the track it started to rain. That helped as it was hot and humid but it also brought wind. CRS track is very open and usually has wind. If you add a night with potential thunderstorms the wind can become a real pain. Tonight was not too back but running alone it was significant.




At this time in two weeks I will be on a plan headed for Israel. Less than 3 weeks until the big race.
Hard to believe! Well, time for push ups and core work!

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