Last Long Run – 12 Miles with 4 Tempo Miles

So today was my last long run before heading to Israel. Coach Marino had me run a 12 mile run today with 4 miles at tempo. It rained cats and dogs last night so the canal was muddy and flooded in a few spots making the footing not optimal. Once again Hunter Smith and Jeff Wiseman joined me. Having young guns push me is a nice help for sure.

We met early and it was already warm. I hydrated like crazy before this (maybe too much, more later on that..) so I felt I was ready. We started out and ran basically 7:15 pace for the first 4 miles although the first 800m was a bit slower to get loose. The good new is that I didn’t notice anything with the hammy. Today it was 100%!!

So we just after 4 miles we picked up it to low 6 min/mile pace. At a few spots I slipped in the mud and we had a fairly deep water crossing that slowed the pace a bit. The last mile of the tempo section I was feeling it and I must admit I decided a bit less was more today. At the end of the tempo I had to stop and to take a quick bio brake. I had to pee from about a mile into the run hence I may have over did or at least mistimed the hydration. I quickly did my business and then got back into it. I felt great in the last 4 miles and had to do everything to keep from going back to tempo pace!

I leave for Israel in 2 days!!!!!!!

Right after the workout – Feeling Good!




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