A crazy day but got in a solid workout anyway

Garmin Data

So today started late due to being up until 3:30am for the opening ceremonies. I wasn’t up partying it was simply transportations issues getting back to Tel Aviv. So the morning track time was out the window. We were first told we could have the track from 6-8pm tonight but as this is Israel and Friday night is Shabbat that was not going happen. So I planned to do the workout Johnny Marino had for me as a road interval workout. The workout was 6 x 400m with 400 recovery at 5K pace with a good warm up and cool down. Terry Robinson, my new friend and teammate joined me for the workout which was GREAT!

I decided to program the workout in my Garmin so I would not have to look at the GPS. BAD IDEA! The watch basically locked up so after the first interval I had to reset the watch and run the rest simply looking down to see when we ran 0.25 miles. That seemed to work. When we started the first interval we saw our open team up ahead. Needless to say we chased them down so the first few intervals were way too fast. The final few were more on pace and felt VERY easy. Great sign!!





After the workout and a quick clean up, I joined a few members of our team for a traditional Shabbat service and dinner. It was really nice.


The race is now only 4 days away!!


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