A Chapter Ends and New Goals….

I have been away from this blog for a few weeks. The Maccabiah Games has ended and I guess I needed a break. That said, despite the games being over for the masters half marathon team we still had a few loose ends. This past week we finally tied those and for me the event is now in the rear view mirror.

This week Jed Margolis, the executive director of Maccabi USA, presented me with the medals from the games. An individual Silver and a team Silver for mens 40-49 age group in the half marathon. We had a small ceremony at Shir Ami in Newtown, PA which was nice. It was just some of my family and the Rabbi’s at Shir Ami. Maybe 10 minutes tops, but it put an exclamation point on an amazing experience. It also gave me a chance to thank a few of those people who supported me and supported Maccabi USA. It was nice to be able to do that.







So now it is back to reality and trying to figure out what is next. I have been running since I got back and have raced once. Not a goal race for sure but a low key fun race while the family and I were on vacation in Ocean City, NJ with good friends of ours. It is fun to just run in a race without out the big expectations and lead up. Just go and run…. This race was a small 5K which supported Chron’s Disease so it was for a very good cause. Despite typical windy conditions down the shore it was fun and always nice to bring back a little hardware….






Another fun run I did when I got back was a 13+ miler with two boys I used to coach. Leslie was away for a fun spa weekend (payback for 11 days in Israel!) so I pushed all three kids in the jogger. Nothing like keeping up with college runners while pushing 130+ pounds!! It was fun to run with the kids. They were real troopers and did not complain at all! It was actually nice to share a run with them!! Maybe someday soon they will ride their bikes with me and not long after run with me!!



So what is next on the plate? Two races but one I will be just using as a relaxed training run, I hope.. First I will be running the LVHN Via Marathon on September 8th. The goal is to get a BQ (minus 10) without running too hard. As Boston Marathon registration opens the 9th and I need a BQ I want to make sure I get in. That said, the main goal of the fall is the USATF Masters Cross Country 5K Championships October 22nd. Therefore I need to run LVHN Via Marathon easily enough that it does not interfere with my training for Masters XC. This will not be easy. If I race the marathon my legs will be shot through October. This needs to be a slightly long Sunday training run but just quick enough to run 3:15 (my BQ is 3:25 as I am in the 45-49 age bracket). I plan to run this with a few friends which should make doing this easier!

At the USATF Masters meet I will be running with the Greater Philadelphia Track Club (GPTC). GPTC has so many really good masters runners. I think we have a team that can do very well in this event. I just hope I am good enough to crack our top 5! The teams are in ten year brackets, in my case 40-49, but the individual awards are by 5 year brackets so I will be competing individually in the 45-49. The level of competition is very high at this event so I hope to run as hard as I can and see if I can pop one of those races and be competitive. I am not sure yet what that actually means in terms of place and time but the training over then next few weeks will tell me… So there is my next goal and I will again have Johnny King-Marino coaching me! Not quite the same as the last goal but no two goals ever are…. I guess I will start a new page in the blog for this as well.




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2 Comments on “A Chapter Ends and New Goals….”

  1. 278toBoston August 31, 2013 at 12:22 pm #

    I hope to see you in Allentown next week. Good luck!!!

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