An Easy 6 Miles and a Slight Change of Plans

Easy 6 Mile Run on CRS Loop

Sunday nights have become fun the last few months as that is when I get my training plan for the week from Dr. Marino. This week he has me tapering just a bit as I will be running the Lehigh Valley Via Marathon this Sunday. The original plan as far as I thought was to run as easy as possible to get a BQ and then look to run a faster one later. Coach Marino, however, believes, that with my training for the Maccabiah Half Marathon and some sharpening the last few weeks that I should look to run a better time if the weather allows. I still plan to run very conservatively but getting a BQ-20 and a decent coral seeding for Boston will be the goal while still leaving me in shape to train hard and race well October 20th. I trust Johnny that this plan will allow me to do this. We will see…

So with that in mind I ran an easy 6 miles mile today on the modified CRS Loop. It was crazy humid today. It felt like running in pea soup. Hopefully this upcoming weekend will not be so humid!




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