Boston Training – New Coach, New Plan .. So Far So Good!


So starting with New Year’s Day I have a new coach and a new training plan for Boston. The reasons for the change were fairly simply. For one, I simply felt like I needed a change. Secondly, Johnny Marino Advanced Sports Chiropractic while an awesome coach, is going through so much, including recovering from surgery that I wanted to take one of the many things off of his plate. I still strongly recommend their services and hope to get in for some PT very soon!

I decided to work with Dr. Jason Karp of Run-Fit. Jason is an internationally recognized exercise physiologist who specializes in endurance athletes. He has written many books and published hundreds of papers on the topic. He was also a teammate at the Maccabiah Games this past July in Israel. We both ran on the Masters Men’s Half MAarathon Team for Team USA. Please visit his site to learn more on his services. Run-Fit

(From Left to Right: Mike Gross, Terry Robinson, Jason Karp – Just before the opening ceremonies at the 2013 Maccabiah Games)

So for the first month Coach Karp had me build my mileage and put in AT runs long runs with just under AT segments and Long runs with AT miles at the end. There was plenty of recovery days some doubles and some striders. He really puts the latest science into his training plans which I appreciate. As I get older I have less margin for error in my training.


I had three build weeks and then a recovery week which I am just finishing up. During week 2 I picked up a nasty bug and missed a few days but luckily this was early and I am right back on track now. Looking forward to the next few weeks which increase the mileage.

In this cycle I just banged out my first 20 miles at the end of week three. I felt great on this run. It came at the end of a hard week of training and I was able to relax through the hills of Tyler State Park..


The tough part of this cycle is that much of the time the weather has been terrible. VERY cold, VERY snowy with a HUGE ice storm that caused many to lose power and caused many trees to fall including two on my property, one hitting my house. I ran outside as much as possible but some of the quality work was done on the treadmill as it was the only way to get that quality in.






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