Less than a Month Until BOSTON!!!


So with less than a month to go I figured it was time to hit the blog again. The training has been going well in this hard cycle the last few weeks. Dr. Jason Karp's (Run-Fit ) coaching seems to be working.

I started this training cycle with the Phillies 5K. Not the best race I have run as I was feeling the hard marathon training but it was a test of toughness for sure.




The best thing from that race is the cool age group awards. So far I am 3 for 3 in leaving with cool Phillies hardware. The first two years had trophies with a Phillies Baseball signed by Shane Victorino (yr 1) and Carlos Ruiz (yr 2) I am not sure who it bill this year as the awards are being mailed as they did not have time for an awardds ceremony due to a Flyers game.

So in this cycle some of the fun workouts have included a Boston Hill Simulation workout which was basically mile repeats with the first 800 down hill to beat up the legs a bit and then the second 800 hard up the hill.



Another fun one was 1000m repeats on the track.



I of course had an AT+ run which was 2 mile warm-up 10 miles at pace and two miles cool down.. I ran this on the always slow CRS Loop so I was happy with it despite the slow pace.


Of course there have been the long runs. I have had one at 23 miles in the very hilly Tyler State Park. The pace on these have seemed easy which is good considering a comfortable time for 22 miles in Tyler usually is a good indication of what I can race for 26.2. Right now that look like low 2:50's…


The only negative is a my left knee is feeling the down hill running but I went to Dr. Johnny Marino (Advanced Sports Chiropractic> ) and will go back a few more times and I feel confident I will be OK.

Looking forward to a great experience with the entire family joining me in Boston. A fun train ride from Philly to Boston and a fun few days. Just a little more than 3 weeks of training to go…

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