Just 5 Days Until BOSTON!

So the final fast running is in the books. Last Sunday I ran 11 mile run In Tyler State with 5 miles at “Marathon Goal” pace. The pace seemed easy even with the hills of Tyler, which are worse than the Hills on the Boston course, which is a great sign.


This morning was my last track session. This was not supposed to be too tough but remind the legs how to run a bit faster. The workout was two miles warm-up and then 4 x 1000m at AT pace followed by a one mile cool down. Of course this morning it was 29F and really windy. This is especially tough on Council Rock South Track which is in a very open area so the wind is tough even on a fairly calm day.


The good news is that I nailed the final workout running easily even with the wind. Additionally, the legs are beginning to feel a bit more lively now with the reduction in mileage. My last few marathon I have gone into with very flat legs. I am hoping that coach Karp (www.run-fit.com) has me nailing this taper. I am confident this time this is the case. I have my race plan set and my goal in my head. I just now need to relax until race day.


So just some easy runs with some striders the next few days. We leave for Boston Saturday morning via Amtrak and then this all becomes real!!


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