Arrived in Boston!

So the day started on a rough note. Our 7:47am train from Trenton, NJ to Boston did not show up as planned.


There was a power disruption in Washington DC that ended up causing a 3 hour delay… so….. we got back got our money back and then we got in the car and drove to Boston.. Not the start we expected but we arrived in Boston just when we were supposed to!


After finally checking in after waiting for a room and grabbing a quick bite to eat we headed to the expo. On the way it became obviously how pumped up Boston is this year!



We even hot some great pics at the finish line!



Once at the EXPO, I was able to meet up with a few teammates from the Maccabi USA Halfmarathon team from this summer in Israel.


After leaving the EXPO we walked passed Marathon Sports and took a photo there. My kids do not understand why I wanted to do that and quite frankly I did not want to explain.


Finally we had dinner at Maggiano’s and called it a night. Tomorrow will be a more low key day with an easy early run and then getting off my feet!!

More tomorrow!!!

2 Comments on “Arrived in Boston!”

  1. Antonio J. De Vido April 20, 2014 at 2:02 pm #

    For cryin out loud, all we needed was ya bib numbah

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