Boston 2017 -PRE Race thoughts..

It has been years since I have posted on this blog but I feel the need to put down some thoughts prior to the Boston Marathon this year.  As many know last year was a total disaster.  I had been injured much of the winter and went into the race not changing my goals which was unrealistic.  The weather was somewhat  hot but most importantly was very humid.  I felt horrible very early (mile 2) and tried to push and ended up hospitalized.   With that as the backdrop to the 2017 Boston I go in with some fear and an entirely new appreciation for the event.  I have trained hard this year once I was recovered from the injuries.  I got a new coach ( and I listened to my training partners Pete Lederer and Dan Schaal. ( Running with Pete and Dan at 5am for the entire winter has helped so much. ) I have put my ego aside and trained not based on what I have run in the past but what I am capable of in the here and now.  I changed my goals to be in line with the 2017 Mike Gross not some memory of faster marathons or  a faster younger me.

So I am prepared but cautious..   I am excited to run this greatest of all races but calm in that I plan to run as if it is a training run for as long as possible.  The thought of making that  right on Hereford and the final left on Boylston is first and foremost in my mind.  I want to hear the crowd on Boylston and soak in that final 600m.  I want to cross that line with a smile on my face knowing I worked hard to overcome my daemons from last year…..  With 22 hours and 19 minutes until the gun I have done all I can…  Now is the time to relax and enjoy the moment and to be thankful for the opportunity that lay ahead.    
The 5K with my boys was amazing…  They ran so well taking 2:09 and 3:00 of thier times from 2016 finishing near the top of the 10-14 AG.   Now this year I will double that up with a marathon that is equally meaningful.  I will do that by being smart…  I have earned that this year.  My boys who are here to watch me now deserve that.  They ran so well and I am so proud of them.  Time for them to be proud of their dad…

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