New Goals, New Races, More Running!

Sunday’s 7 Mile Recovery Run

Saturday’s 15 Miles

Friday’s 5 with Scott and Butch

So as Labor Day approaches and the summer ends I begin to look to the future. With that in mind I have asked Johnny Marino from Advanced Sports Chiropractic to continue to coach me and he was kind enough to agree. We discussed the goal of USATF XC in October and my desire to get a BQ next Sunday. He cautioned me to really take the marathon easy and started giving me workouts.

Friday I ran with some old friends and got see another old XC teammate watching his son run at the Viking invitational. How amazing to see our kids begin to take up the sport we started so many years ago. Saturday, I met Bill Gould for a 15 mile run on the canal. We ran it at 7:45 min/mile for the first 5 miles, 6:45 min/mile for the middle 5 and 7:45 min/mile for the final 5. It was very humid which made the run tougher than it should have been! Today was just a 7 mile recovery run in the same pea soup!

I am still using the stability ball and working in a core push up session that has been helping me! I am now looking forward to what comes next!








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