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Last Preparations … Almost there

So today is the big day. I cannot believe it. I am now in my hotel room with most everything ready. I have to admit I am nervous but I know that I have trained as hard as I could and did everything possible to race well tonight. The team had a great team dinner […]

Final Practice Run and Half Marathon Technical Meeting!

Garmin Data So today was the final training day. I cannot believe it. All this training and it the final run was an easy 3 miles on the track with 4 x 100m striders on the straights of the last 800m. It was tough to not run too fast but it felt great to run […]

5 Miles with 6 by 30 Second Pick Ups Plus a Special Treat!

Garmin Data Follow Maccabi USA on Facebook! Follow Maccabi USA on Twitter! So today was a nice easy 5 miles with some long 30 second striders put in. I ran this in the evening to begin to get myself used to running at this time of day over here in Israel. Being Shabbat here in […]

A crazy day but got in a solid workout anyway

Garmin Data So today started late due to being up until 3:30am for the opening ceremonies. I wasn’t up partying it was simply transportations issues getting back to Tel Aviv. So the morning track time was out the window. We were first told we could have the track from 6-8pm tonight but as this is […]

The Opening Ceremonies

So Yesterday was the Opening Ceremonies at Tedi Stadium in Jerusalem. An amazing experience for sure. All the countries that marched in the stadium and the events. A very cool thing to be a part of. The transportation back to Tel Aviv was a bit of an experience put a bit of a downer on […]

I made it to Israel – This is REAL!!!

I cannot believe it! I am now here!! A long flight but not too bad really. A few movies, yes I watched Chariots of Fire on my iPad, and a few hours of sleep and next thing you know we were landing!! I met a guy from the USA masters Hockey team which was nice […]

Final Workout before I leave! 4 x Mile at Goal Pace So today is it.  The day I leave for Israel.  I got up at 4:20am so I could meet Pete at the track to run this 4 x mile.  We ran a mile warm up and cool down.  The plan was to cruise these miles at 6:00 flat.  Hopefully this was to feel easy. […]

Recovery Day – Leave Tomorrow!!!! So today was a relaxed recovery run on the CRS 5 Mile loop.  Started the run at 6:00am and it was already hot here.  The run felt nice and easy.  It was actually tough to keep the pace easy as I have been thinking about the trip and of course the race.   Tomorrow […]

Last Long Run – 12 Miles with 4 Tempo Miles

So today was my last long run before heading to Israel. Coach Marino had me run a 12 mile run today with 4 miles at tempo. It rained cats and dogs last night so the canal was muddy and flooded in a few spots making the footing not optimal. Once again Hunter Smith and Jeff […]

8 Mile Run with the Young Guns

GarminConnect Data Really getting close now. This is the last weekend before I fly over to Israel. Today Coach Marino had me run 8 miles. I had two young runners join me. Hunter Smith, who I coached at Council Rock South as a high school runner and who now runs at at Dickinson, and Jeff […]