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Final Training Run in the Books!

So my final training run before Boston here in Bucks County, PA is done. We soon leave for Bean-town and the big race! I believe I have done all I can to train for this. My coach, Dr. Jason Karp, put together a good plan and I believe I did a good job executing that […]

Just 5 Days Until BOSTON!

So the final fast running is in the books. Last Sunday I ran 11 mile run In Tyler State with 5 miles at “Marathon Goal” pace. The pace seemed easy even with the hills of Tyler, which are worse than the Hills on the Boston course, which is a great sign. This morning was my […]

23 Miles in the Cold Rain on the Hills of Tyler State Park Never Felt So Good!

    OK, so here I am writing this post again.  Somehow all the text vanished and I was left with just the photos on this post.  I will do my best to recreate my post from this morning.   Today’s run starting at 6:00am when it was still dark.  It was cold, rainy and […]

Boston Training – New Coach, New Plan .. So Far So Good!

So starting with New Year’s Day I have a new coach and a new training plan for Boston. The reasons for the change were fairly simply. For one, I simply felt like I needed a change. Secondly, Johnny Marino Advanced Sports Chiropractic while an awesome coach, is going through so much, including recovering from surgery […]

Boston Training Week One!

Week one had it all. It started with snow and brutally cold temperatures and ended with temperatures well over 60F. I had to decide on a new training plan and ended up asking Dr. Johnny Marino to help me once again. Johnny has been going through so much recently that I wasn’t sure he would […]

Back to Boston!

It has been a little bit since I have blogged as things have been busy so this will be a bit of a catch all post. After the Maccabiah Games I needed a bit of down time which did not fit well with an upcoming marathon but the goal was simply to quality for Boston […]

An Easy 6 Miles and a Slight Change of Plans

Easy 6 Mile Run on CRS Loop Sunday nights have become fun the last few months as that is when I get my training plan for the week from Dr. Marino. This week he has me tapering just a bit as I will be running the Lehigh Valley Via Marathon this Sunday. The original plan […]

A Chapter Ends and New Goals….

I have been away from this blog for a few weeks. The Maccabiah Games has ended and I guess I needed a break. That said, despite the games being over for the masters half marathon team we still had a few loose ends. This past week we finally tied those and for me the event […]

I made it to Israel – This is REAL!!!

I cannot believe it! I am now here!! A long flight but not too bad really. A few movies, yes I watched Chariots of Fire on my iPad, and a few hours of sleep and next thing you know we were landing!! I met a guy from the USA masters Hockey team which was nice […]

Recovery Day – Leave Tomorrow!!!! So today was a relaxed recovery run on the CRS 5 Mile loop.  Started the run at 6:00am and it was already hot here.  The run felt nice and easy.  It was actually tough to keep the pace easy as I have been thinking about the trip and of course the race.   Tomorrow […]