An Early Morning Relaxed 11 Miles – Getting Close Now Today Coach Marino had me run a 80 minute run.  He had worked on my hamstring yesterday and today it felt much better.  I felt a little something but I think that was just soreness from the graston technique he perform on my hamstring.  I had to get the run in early today so […]

70 Minute Run – Hammy still a bit sore

So tonight I had a 70 minute run in some decent heat,  86F and humid.   The right hammy is still not 100%.  I am “aware” of it but it is not altering my stride or causing me any pain.  That said I was thinking about it each step so I am clearly not where […]

A Scare but Back on Track!

So Sunday was to be my last long run 18 miles.  I ran hard and in brutal heat Thursday, Friday and Saturday.    I felt good going into Sunday and thought I had hydrated properly.  I had been taking electrolyte pills with plenty of water and that morning  had filled water bottles with water  with […]

Another Hot One! 10 Miles with 6 x 2min @ 6min/mi Pace..

  The heat wave continues!  This is good for my training for the Maccabiah Half Marathon.  I started earlier but on the canal it was already hot and humid.  Again, I have been working hard to hydrate properly.  Today’s workout was 10 miles with 6 x 2 min at 6 min/mile pace.  Due to the […]

Heat Acclimation Run!

  For today’s run Coach Johnny had on the schedule an 8 mile run.  I ran this at lunch to take advantage of the 90F heat.  I have been making sure that I am hydrating and using electrolyte supplements as well.  This seems to be working.  Also being the middle of the day I made […]

Revolutionary Run – A Final Test in Brutal Conditions So the plan had my final pre Maccabiah race as the Rev Run which is a 10K in Washington’s Crossing.  I chose this race even though I hate it.  It is not well organized and the race is run by the local business association not a running club or racing organization and it shows. […]

An Easier Start to the Week with July 4th 10K in View

So the beginning of this week was a bit easier. The goal here is back off just a touch to hopefully race well on July 4th as my last tune up before the Maccabiah Games. After the race on the 4th I will ram back up for a short bit before I begin to sharpen […]

A Tough Two Days So the last two days have been interesting ones on my training. All has been going so well that a small set back is not really unexpected. So yesterday’s workout was to be 8 miles with 2 miles at sub 6 pace and the rest of it at a relaxed 7:30 or so. […]

Double Thursday is Twice the Fun! Today started with a nice easy 6:00am “hunger run”.  This run is done first thing in the am with only water and a cup of black coffee prior.  The pace is relaxed.   I ran my regular CR South HS Loop which has some nice hills. Now that it is summer and school is […]

Another Good Start to the Training Week After a tough Sunday long run in the heat Monday was a nice early morning 45 minute effort.  The heat was already significant but as it was early not too bad and the pace was relaxed.   It felt good to get in a recovery run for sure!  After the run it was […]