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Broad Street Run – Race Report

The Broad Street Run is the last of the classic Philadelphia races. It is a 10 mile race that runs, as the name indicates, straight down Broad Street. It has also become the biggest race in Philadelphia with over 40,000 runners thus making it a bucket list race for many. With such a large field […]

Not the day I had hoped for….

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/308181194   Today did not turn out as I had expected and hoped. I am not sure why but it is worth looking at the last 6 weeks to try and figure this out. In late March, after finishing the Winter Series, my legs were tired and I was not particularly motivated to run the […]

“Shake Out” Run – Ready For Broad Street

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/307409065 So today I got up early for an easy 4 miles to just shake out the legs. The run was nice and easy and it was a gorgeous morning for a run.  Watched the sun come up over the water in Tyler.  The legs felt good and I feel ready.    I am taking […]

6 Miles with 6 x 1 minute pickups (1 min recovery) at 6am

. So this morning I met Joe Warwick at Council Rock Rock at 6:00am for a quick 6 mile run with some pick-ups.   It was a cool morning but a great one for running.  We ran for about 2 miles from CRS to Tyler State Park and then started the 1 minute pickups.  The […]

A nice quiet 5 miler to Tyler as the sun came up

Recovery Day Morning 5 Miles by run10k31 at Garmin Connect – Details.   Today was a nice was recovery run and done, as Coach Marino calls it, as a hunger run.  Run with out calories before hand just a bit of coffee to wake up and some water to hydrate.  There was just a little […]

Back on the track with Joe Warwick

This Sunday is the Broad Street Run which is one of, if not the largest 10 Mile road races in the United States.  I am running on a very good masters team for the Greater Philadelphia Track Club. The team has my good friends and training partners Bill Gould and Joe Warwick.  Bill and Joe […]

After 3 Hard Training Weeks Finally a Recovery Week

Recovery week finally… (THANK YOU COACH JOHNNY KING-MARINO!  http://www.jkmhealth.com) So today, I only had a nice 6 mile run.  The legs were still tired from yesterday so I decided to get a little extra sleep and do the run at lunch.  I took the opening mile very slow and then relaxed into mid 7’s for the […]

17 MIles and Brand New Nike Lunar Flyknit 1!

Today Coach had me run 17 miles,  pace 7:20-7:30.  I decided to join Boston Pete who was getting in his final longish run before Boston.  He was running 12 miles so I figured we would run 12 together giving me only 5 miles to finish up at the end.  Steve Price started with us and […]