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An Early Morning Relaxed 11 Miles – Getting Close Now

http://connect.garmin.com/dashboard?cid=18305526 Today Coach Marino had me run a 80 minute run.  He had worked on my hamstring yesterday and today it felt much better.  I felt a little something but I think that was just soreness from the graston technique he perform on my hamstring.  I had to get the run in early today so […]

70 Minute Run – Hammy still a bit sore

So tonight I had a 70 minute run in some decent heat,  86F and humid.   The right hammy is still not 100%.  I am “aware” of it but it is not altering my stride or causing me any pain.  That said I was thinking about it each step so I am clearly not where […]

…. and another great training week in the books!

So another week of training is complete.  Coach Johnny Marino designed my workout week with some recovery runs and 4 days with higher intensity efforts.  Tuesday was a track effort of two by two miles with 800m recovery.  This was run in a progression style with the last 800m faster than 10K race pace.   […]

Good Start to the Training Week

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/32917526   So far a good start to the training week.  Monday was an early morning recovery day 40 minute run.  The pace was mid 7’s and It was another one of those really nice mornings.  No doubt now this is one of my favorite runs.  No pressure.  Just go out and relax and enjoy […]

An Easy 8 Mile as a Start to a VERY Busy Saturday – Maccabi 5K Tomorrow!

Today I got up early to run an easy 8 miles.  After a day off yesterday the legs felt fairly good despite the fact that it took me a few miles to wake up.  I did a simple run from my house to Tyler State Park and ran the basic 5.3 loop from the Buck […]

5:00am Fun on the Track! – 10 x 500m with 300m Recovery

Yes, this is a recovery week.  As I mentioned yesterday that does not mean no quality work.  Today Coach Johnny King Marino had 10 x 500m with 300m recovery as the workout.  The workout was designed for first 400m set at 10K pace but the last 100m was quicker.   Boston Pete was the only […]

Another Double – Warm Temps and a Final Decision Boston

So today started with another nice and easy 30 minute run as the sun was coming up.  This is becoming one of my favorite runs. It is easy, it is quiet, it is calming.  My favorite part of the run is crossing under 332 and just listing to the water.   A nice way to […]