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An Easy 8 Mile as a Start to a VERY Busy Saturday – Maccabi 5K Tomorrow!

Today I got up early to run an easy 8 miles.  After a day off yesterday the legs felt fairly good despite the fact that it took me a few miles to wake up.  I did a simple run from my house to Tyler State Park and ran the basic 5.3 loop from the Buck […]

Morning Recovery Day 5 Mile Hunger Run

Wow , that tittle was a mouthful.    Today was an easy run that Coach Johnny calls a hunger run.  The idea is to teach the body to burn fat more effectively.  The run is done first thing in the morning with only water and perhaps a little black coffee.   The pace is very […]

5:00am Fun on the Track! – 10 x 500m with 300m Recovery

Yes, this is a recovery week.  As I mentioned yesterday that does not mean no quality work.  Today Coach Johnny King Marino had 10 x 500m with 300m recovery as the workout.  The workout was designed for first 400m set at 10K pace but the last 100m was quicker.   Boston Pete was the only […]

A Great Morning for a Run on the Delaware Canal!

Today was a great morning to run.  Boston Pete met me at Cramer’s Bakery in Yardley, PA to run on the Delaware Canal towpath.  The run for today was a 2 hour run with the first 30 minutes relaxed with the next 60 minutes at roughly 6:20 pace (turning around 30 minutes in).  Then the […]

A Beautiful Run in Tyler State Park to Start a Busy Day

After a nice dinner last night with Boston Marathon friends I got up early this morning for a nice 8 mile run in Tyler State Park.  I did not sleep that well last night so I was a bit tired so getting started was a bit tougher than usual.   My first two miles were […]

Pace Miles with a Heavy Heart

Today coach Johnny King-Marino www.jkmhealth.com had a tough workout planned for me.  Unfortunately, my head and a lack of sleep prevented me from getting it in.  The plan was to run to the track from my house which is two miles then run 6 x mile with 200m recovery at 6:15, 6:10, 6:05, 6:00, 5:55, 5:50..  I […]

Working at the Bucks County Half Marathon and a Nice 15 Miler!

So today started early. I had to have my table set up at the Bucks County Half Marathon by 6:00am. I co-located my table with the Bucks County Speedsters tent. The speedsters are the local track club that has been kind enough to sponsor the Maccabi 5K and have added this to the calendar of […]

A Busy Saturday and a Solid Run

So Saturday tends to be busy in my household.  Today my son Aaron had an early soccer game and this week I was “snack dad”.  That means we brought snack for the team which are given out after the game.  Since I, of course, had not yet purchased said snacks Aaron and I left early […]

5am Broken Ladder – Warm Temps and …. The Sun!

So today Coach Johnny had the following fun for me; Tuesday: Track. Be sure to get a sufficient warm up and warm down. Crooked ladder: 2 x 200 200 rest 2 x 400 200 rest 2 X 800 200 rest 1 x 1600 200 rest 2 x 800 200 rest 2 x 400 200 rest 2 […]

Twice the Run, Twice the Fun??

So today Coach Johnny (www.jkmhealth.com https://www.facebook.com/Adv.Sports.Chiro) had me start doubling.  The morning run was an very very easy run with no calories beforehand.  Only a little bit of coffee and water.  It is tough to go as slow as Johnny wants but I am following the plan.  The concept is to use this run to teach […]