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Last Long Run – 12 Miles with 4 Tempo Miles

So today was my last long run before heading to Israel. Coach Marino had me run a 12 mile run today with 4 miles at tempo. It rained cats and dogs last night so the canal was muddy and flooded in a few spots making the footing not optimal. Once again Hunter Smith and Jeff […]

8 Mile Run with the Young Guns

GarminConnect Data Really getting close now. This is the last weekend before I fly over to Israel. Today Coach Marino had me run 8 miles. I had two young runners join me. Hunter Smith, who I coached at Council Rock South as a high school runner and who now runs at at Dickinson, and Jeff […]

Revolutionary Run – A Final Test in Brutal Conditions

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/337366272 So the plan had my final pre Maccabiah race as the Rev Run which is a 10K in Washington’s Crossing.  I chose this race even though I hate it.  It is not well organized and the race is run by the local business association not a running club or racing organization and it shows. […]

An Easier Start to the Week with July 4th 10K in View

So the beginning of this week was a bit easier. The goal here is back off just a touch to hopefully race well on July 4th as my last tune up before the Maccabiah Games. After the race on the 4th I will ram back up for a short bit before I begin to sharpen […]

A Win is a Win Especially on a Hot Day

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/321971335   On Sunday the weather in the Philadelphia area was to be very hot.  High’s near 90F and humid.  A good opportunity to train for the weather in Israel for the Maccabiah Games.  The plan for Sunday was to jump in a 5K called the Run for Food 5K.  The race was sponsored by […]

HOT Temps on the Track..

  Thanks to the BC Speedsters (Track Club) for letting me run my own workout during their track practice.  This time of year it is hard to find an open track in Bucks County so I am very thankful for the generosity. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/316339492 Today was the hottest day of the year thus far here in […]

Speedwork, A Great Item Donated and a Dinner I Was Lucky to Attend

So today was one of those busy days.  Some much going on at work, soccer practice for my son, and a speed workout looming.  Todays’s workout was 10 x 400m at a goal of 80 sec with a short 100m recovery.  Of course once again it was ridiculously windy with a big change of weather […]

What were you doing at 5:00am? I was on the track with Boston Pete.

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/292225232 Today’s workout seemed simply enough, 12 x 600m with 200m recovery.  The first 400m was to be at 10K pace with the 2nd 200m at 5K pace.  … I got up at 4:10 when my LARK (iPhone alarm the uses a vibrating wrist band to wake you.  It also monitors you sleep patterns which […]

Easy day 7 miles… ahhh

View today’s run at: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/292059552 So I am starting my first full training week for the Maccabiah Games with Dr. Johnny King-Marino as my new coach.  So far so good. Yesterday’s long run with one hour at 6:25 pace went well and today was a nice easy 7 miles.  I kept the pace very easy […]